Top 10 workshops in London this August that you don’t want to miss.


August can be a pretty quiet month when it comes to events, but yada did some digging around and found some uniquely fun workshops taking place across London for you to try. From Hip-Hop parkour lessons, to terrarium building classes, Instagram story workshops and more, there’s plenty to get stuck into. So release your creative side, and round off the last month of summer with a quirky new skill.


5 Tips for Beta Exhibitors at Collision Conference

Just before we left for Collision conference we gave you some tips for if you’re about to be an Alpha exhibitor, but what if you’re about to take that jump to Beta? Firstly congrats on making a massive leap! We just had our first year as a Beta and it’s safe to say things change, so here’s our tips and tricks we learnt to bear in mind, before your larger stand space and status goes to your head!

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It might seem obvious, but a massive difference between Alpha and Beta is that in Beta there’s way less of you and you have way more space! So does everyone utilise their space? No! Most people turn up with some paper marketing and a laptop to play a presentation on. Which we think is a massive waste. It’s an opportunity to get inventive and truly display your brand and to try to stand out. So invest a little in something to set yourself apart, we created a whole style/campaign around the nostalgia of Polaroids and it made people stop and chat to us. So think a little outside the box and utilise your Beta privilege!



You might hear some Alphas crying in despair but Beta did make a difference. Maybe it’s purely that there’s less of us or that you’re further down your ‘roadmap’. But that Beta Blue badge meant we had more people chatting to us than our Alpha days, and it wasn’t just other startups! We had more investors come a knocking and we did more media and press interviews. The lift in ‘status’ (we don’t like calling it that) did help. But do you know what that actually means? You have to be so much more slick than your alpha days. You need to have your pitch  committed to memory past the point of robotics. You need to be able to easily drip feed it to, to whoever you’re talking to. We know it’s not an easy thing to do, but having it ready to go is invaluable. It’s your chance to impress and you can’t waste it! 



This might sound a little evil or maybe just bigheaded, but we know that when we were Alpha we looked at Beta companies like they were a BIG DEAL. Maybe we were just a naive bunch last year, but if you can utilise it, why not? Alpha companies will look to you for advice, collabs, exposure, loads of things. So if there’s a company of interest in Alpha and you look important because your badge, why not flex it a little to see what goodies it can give you. (Even if it just means some more social media interaction 😉 )



We know this isn’t going to be a surprise, Team yada telling you to make the most of an opportunity that involves night life and maybe a few too many drinks. But it’s a networking opportunity just like at the conference, with one key difference. People are looking to let off some steam, let loose a little, whatever appropriate cliché you can think of, and because of that more deals and partnerships get made at Night Summit than anywhere else! People let their guard down a little and have a real chat (or dance off in some cases…). It’s something you can’t miss out on! Even if you’re just looking for some more contacts!

BONUS TIP: If you have some key people already identified, making contact with them and going for a drink before Night Summit and then sticking with them for the night is a fantastic way to rapidly solidify a relationship. If you were the person with them on their craziest night in New Orleans… They’re not going to forget you or more importantly, what you do!



You might not think this is a worthwhile tip, but it really is! You’ve managed to make it to one of the most massive tech conferences, written about by Forbes, Buzzfeed and loads more. While it’s important to use this chance, you should also just take a moment to sniff the roses, to chill and reflect on what you’ve achieved! (It also helps that if you’re more relaxed you’ll probably get more out of the conference). So just think about where you are, enjoy it and everything should be fine!

Those our tips for the next generation of Beta exhibitors! Do you have any tips or advice on how to overcome challenges that you faced at Collision Conference? Let us know by talking to us on Twitter!

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London Coffee Festival 2017 + UK CoffeeWeek

It may be obvious if you check our Twitter or Instagram religiously, but we’re fairly coffee keen. A day can’t go by without team yada enjoying a double shot latte macchiato, some cold brew or just your everyday caramel latte. So, when we saw there was a London Coffee Festival on the 6-9th of April and basically next door to yada HQ at the Old Truman Brewery…. Well, the tickets mysteriously bought themselves.

It’s safe to say that we weren’t incredibly sure what to expect. We love a good artisan coffee house, but a whole festival is another ball game entirely. Especially as we had to head down on what was supposedly the ‘trade/industry day’ (damn meetings). But the trade day made it better! Admittedly it was very packed, but every conversation we were in or overheard was filled with so much passion it made the day feel like a community meeting rather than a conference or industry day.

So, what happened at the Coffee Festival?

Well, once you make it in to the beautiful Truman Brewery you’re met with everything you could ever conceive of being related to everyone’s favourite caffeinated bev. There was all manner of different artisan roasterys (with more blends, grades and roasts of beans than you could imagine), machines, grinders and all sorts of cafe paraphernalia you never thought to exist! There were trying sections and displays (Oatly and Old Spike Roast were particularly delicious) and probably everyone’s favourite section… Latte Art Live!

Ever wondered how you get a coffee with a fern leaf or a heart? Well at stations all around the brewery you could try and learn for yourself, under the supervision of the ‘Coffee Masters’.  The crowds spoke for themselves, everyone wanted to be a barista for the day and it was quite the spectacle, even if some of the latte hearts looked more pear-like than anything.

Another great element of the festival was the coffee competitions (yep, you read competitions correctly). The festival gathered together as many coffee masters together and pit them in competition with each other to make the best cups of coffee possible using different methods.  You wouldn’t think making a cup of coffee could become a spectator sport, but with hosts to explain the nuances of everything going on, the choices of the competitors, and live judging. It became quite the event (and we do love events).

The three-day festival also ear marks the start of UK Coffee Week, from April 10-16th (Our new favourite week of the year). Which is a week-long fundraising initiative to raise money for Project Water! So, there will be lots of coffee events this week and loads of your favourite coffee shops will be giving proceeds to help support the charity. What’s not to love!

Check out London Coffee Fest here and UK Coffee Week here and make sure to follow us on Twitter! 

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London’s top St Paddy’s Parties


So, this Friday is St. Patrick’s Day, which really means this entire weekend is going to be filled with green paddy glee. But what events are out here in the far flung and very un-Irish land of London for everyone to celebrate? Don’t worry yada’s got you covered.

Well, first let’s cover the actual day (although your hangover will last longer…)



Firstly, our favourite and thankfully very local space, Boxpark, is hosting a St. Paddy’s party sponsored by Ireland’s most famous Whiskey, Jameson. If you want Whiskey mixers, a beer pong tournament hosted by Porky’s BBQ and DJ Siggy Smalls on the decks proving a modern St. Patrick’s Day celebratory soundtrack the head here. All in all, if you’re looking for a chance to spend St. Paddy’s as you should (suitably boozed) then Shoreditch’s favourite pop-up hub is the place to go! Check out Boxpark here and for details to submit your Beer Pong team.

The Tube

It’s not what you’re thinking, the tube isn’t some ‘hip’ new club the kids are going to. We do actually mean the underground. This one’s less of something to hunt and attend, but if you’re getting the tube from Westminster, Tottenham Court Road or Southwark Tube stations, you can expect to see renditions of Irish music and poetry to make your journey a bit more jolly. Take a look at this previous year’s celebration.


Camden Market

We all love a visit to Camden Market (if you haven’t been you need to go). You can take a look at the edgey garms, have a drink by the canal and have one of the best people watching sessions you’ll ever have in London. But what’s North London’s punk centre got planned for this year’s St. Paddy’s? By the looks of things… Everything. This Saturday you can see live Irish music across the market, experience family friendly fun such as dancing and crafts (A first for Camden), as well as screenings of the ENG v IRE Six Nations rugby final. And finally, live performances from top Irish bands MOXIE and Kíla… So, if you’re looking for a more alternative way to celebrate everything Irish, grab a Guinness and head down to Camden.

tamara-menzi-118549 (1)

Trafalgar Square

If you’re looking for something like Camden for some family friendly fun, but festivals are more your thing, then Trafalgar is the place to be. There will be performances by West End stars, Irish acts, a huge céilí on the Trafalgar Square stage. All hosted by Irish stand-up comedian Jarlath Regan.  Of course, there will be ample opportunity to sample some Irish beverages throughout. (We know what the yada crew is about…)

There you go, whether you’re looking for a party Paddy’s day or something a bit more mellow for this weekend’s celebration, yada’s got you covered and make sure to spend your time wisely when the grass is just a bit greener this weekend.

Do you have any tips or advice on how to overcome challenges in the working world? Let us know by talking to us on Twitter!

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The Fresh Business Thinking Shift 100 – the Madtech edition

So yada’s been included in The Fresh Business Thinking Shift 100 – the Madtech edition – in association with KPMG Small Business Accounting.Now to decode that sentence, basically we’ve been included in this amazing list of startups and company’s that are reinventing marketing and advertising in a digital world, hence the ‘Madtech’.


We have something to admit though, we only apply to half the criteria of the list. There we said it, we got it out there. We don’t have much of an advertising section to the app right now, but we make up for it in spades with marketing. But before we get to that…

What do we do?

yada is a real-time event management platform, which allows users to create events and fully personalise them. Users can connect with other guests via the app or by scanning and share photos, videos and comments in real-time and with social media hashtag integration. It also allows for this content to be combined with the ‘LiveView’ feature to form a projectable real-time view of the event… But why’s this been included in a marketing top 100 list?

Well, yada has a hidden game changer, content uploaded in to the app can be used as marketing material. YOU have the rights. So, any amazing photos… are yours!  Want to view complex analytics of your attendees? It can also be done in-app. You can know who came and what to change for next time to make the perfect event.

Similarly, if people are using an app for information and interacting at your events, it’s safe to say you want it to be memorable and easily linked to you. The inclusion of a skin with your branding means that whenever people are using the app, your identity is present. It’s going to make your event look the part (regardless of its size) of a ‘tier 1 conference’ with great ‘scalability’… don’t worry if you don’t know what this new management jargon means, having your logo on things is just awesome anyway!

Finally, we all know social engagement is key. You’re dealing with ‘generation selfie’ and need to create a social buzz around any event you’re involved in. It’s an important part of marketing. This is where LiveView comes in. People can post images, comments and tweets using event specific hashtags. This means you can have a constant feed to display to your attendees and keep them engaged. It can help mould your attendees into a mini community and push them in to the realms of ‘tribal marketing’ – Yes that is a thing, we’re not joking.

This approach turns a 1 day event in to a continuous marketing opportunity over time with a coherent, connected campaign from event announcement to the day itself and allows you to engage with the attendees long afterwards, as well as all the people that were interested, but couldn’t attend.

So, we might not have masses of advertising at the moment, but we clearly deliver enough in terms of marketing to be included in the top 100 list!

Check out the full list here and make sure to follow us on Twitter! 

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International Confex -Review

We were lucky enough to attend International Confex at London’s iconic Olympia in Kensington this week. We reviewed it’s sister conference, the Event Production Show, and said it deserved a spotlight of its own, so we had to extend the courtesy to Confex. It’s definitely deserving. Both Confex and EPS focus on suppliers and organising events, but EPS focused on event tech (we spent a lot of time there…). But there was a lot in Confex worth talking about, so have no fear and be ready for us to drop some Event Prof knowledge.


In general International Confex could look like many event and supplier shows. It’s a large space filled with aisles and aisles worth of supplier of everything you could ever need. However, if you judged this book by that cover you’d be wrong and here’s why….

Yes it’s filled with lots of suppliers, as you’d expect, but Confex’s supplier’s aren’t your average suppliers… You’re not going to be walking down aisles with what seems to be the same nasal-ey voiced salesmen selling you lanyards. Confex’s halls were filled with the maddest, wackiest versions of suppliers. Need a ice cream supplier? Easy, but Confex’s all use liquid nitrogen. Need a music act? Confex’s musicians will do any song on request. You get the idea … Confex takes the average supplier and gives you one filled with a bit more zest. Our favourites being IdeasBox and their Sipsmith Gin tricycle… Have you ever heard of anything so good? Or the massive dancing robot called Titan…


It wasn’t just the exhibitors that made Confex great. It was the talks. Just like we said for its sister convention, EPS. Confex delivered a wealth of information to its attendees. Our favourite talk being ‘The Brand View’ which focussed on how brands have to change their image as the industry changes. Why was this one special? It’s simple really, the experts talking. It had the Events Manager from Sony’s Playstation and Branding Manager from Innocent smoothies… Two behemoths in the world of branding and marketing. But what was their best piece of information?

Everyone needs to focus on social media! It’s your public face of the company and one of your main points of contact with your customers. You need to try and be as original as possible in your brand image and voice to set yourself apart from your competitors. We all need to re-read that, take it to heart, commit to memory and tattoo it to ourselves.


Overall Confex was a great event. You had the traditional style of event show with crazy twist and it’s exactly what our industry needs! We whole heartedly recommend the show to Event Profs! We’ll be back next year. That’s for sure!

Do you think there’s anything we missed out? Tell us on Twitter!

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