5 Top Festival Hacks For Summer ’17


It’s the start of Festival season, also known as our favourite time of year because it brings together our passions: parties, music, events and maybe a couple of drinks. So it’s safe to say that Team yada is experienced when it comes to the festival season. So we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Freshers Festival to bring you the top Five Festival Hacks to survive your weekend with the most amount of fun and least amount of time drenched in mud!

  1. Portable Charger


Okay, we know this looks like a cop-out… ‘Don’t forget a battery pack!’ sneered in a nasally voice from a tech company, ‘So you can use our app!’ Don’t worry we’re not trying to sell to you. We all want memories and there’s nothing worse than missing your friends olympic standard mud slide because of low power mode! So always remember an extra portable charger or three… You never know.

2. Doritos

You might be thinking we’re mad and you’re probably right. Don’t worry we’re not assuming everyone loves Doritos and they’re an essential snack. But if you’re at a proper camping festival, you’ll want make a camp fire and that can be quite the task in a field, especially when you’re a millennial with no camping experience. But have no fear, Doritos can save the day! (it also works with any tortilla chips) They make great kindling and make starting a campfire so much easier! (Watch the video to see how…) So remember to pack Doritos and don’t eat them till the campfire’s going…

3. Wet Wipes

Okay so we don’t want to get too graphic… But toilets at festivals or just bathing in general is not something to be desired. So your new best friend are a pack of Wet Wipes. They’re the perfect tool for a quick freshen up and it can definitely save you from some #Awks experiences, that’s for sure. So always double up!

4. Sun block

Again we probably sound like someone’s Nan, but believes us there’s nothing worse than turning in to a lobster after the first day and every dance move causing pain thereafter. So make sure to sunblock up to make sure you can properly boogie your way through the festival. Protect ya neck!

BONUS TIP: We know a lot of a festival is about drinking (responsibly of course) but remember if in the unlikely event it’s actually sunny in the UK, you need to keep hydrated! No one should be a festival succulent.

5. Shoes


Regardless of if you love #creps or not. The shoes you wear to a festival are important and we’re not talking about if they match your ‘garms’. More Nan talk but you’ll be happier in some walking boots for support and surviving the mud. Whereas your sneakers will probably end up in a bin bag by the end #JustSayin. So think about your shoe choice and leave the crocs at home. 

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And make sure if you’re a student heading up to Bonnie’ Scotland for uni check out Freshers Festival in Glasgow here!

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Startup Stories!: 3 Examples of Why Collaboration in Start-up life is so important!


We  often chat about start-up life on twitter, or in our Work Hard- Play Hard series. We love the freedom, the creativity, the bean bag chairs and table tennis. It’s all fantastic, but moving away from the very true stereotypes, people rarely acknowledge that start-up life is a massive amount of work. There are probably 5 other companies (in your city alone) trying to recreate whatever your endeavour is. So it can be incredibly difficult to stand out or get ahead. But the wealth of people also in start-up life can be your greatest asset. Everyone like’s to think they can go it alone, do everything themselves, but collaboration is always a fantastic thing and here’s a couple of examples how, from our journey so far:

Collaboration in your sector (The London LightBox) :

We don’t talk about ourselves very often but here we go. We’re an events app/platform. We like to bring people together to create and find events and then document them through photos, videos, even social media.

So when our friends over at Good Life (we can’t call them a start-up, they’re too big) came and wanted to use the app for their next big night life event, of course we jumped at the chance! Everyone loves to take selfies on a night out… So everyone could take selfies, upload them in the app or on twitter and we could display them around the venue and get everyone involved! A fantastic opportunity right? But getting people to download an app for a night out they might not have heard of before? There’s a challenge (especially university students who have been pre-drinking). But this is where collaboration can save the day. If you look at any list of the biggest trends in events this year, photo-booths will appear, and for good reason. It’s one of the best ways to engage your attendees! Everyone loves a selfie, but what does everyone love even more? Feeling like a model.

So this is where collaboration rather than being closed minded comes in. We have some friends in the Photo Booth game (In fact they have the coolest Photo Booth by far in our opinion) – The London LightBox, and they’d always worked in private parties or events. They’d never dipped in to a nightlife setting, especially one for university students. So it’s the perfect chance to test the waters in a new sector! After some technical wizardry to allow their Photo Booth (The awesomely named ‘Obscura’) to upload directly in to yada, we’ve got something mutually beneficial! We can create the buzz and engagement we love (in  an audience slightly too tipsy to see the value of an extra download on their phones) and The London LightBox gain Market research! Moral of the story? Never be afraid to work with people, a job shared is a job halved and all that!

Collaboration outside of your sector! (Maison De Choup) :

Start-ups don’t just cover tech. As much as we all think that way, you can have a start-up Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker.  They just have different, more romantic terms for them. They’re ‘artisans’ and ‘boutiques’. But if you took the defining features of a start-up and applied them to their style and business, they’re a start-up in their own right! So it’s another area of collaboration you shouldn’t ignore (even if it’s just for a sexier looking client to put on your website 😉 ). But they can be a massive help to your business!

We recently partnered with a fashion brand centred around Mental Health Awareness for the launch of their new collection. Why should you look outside of what you think is your target audience? For one, Mental Health Awareness is something we believe in strongly and linking a passion to any part of your business is always fantastic. But linking specifically with a Fashion label to help their launch party opened our eyes massively. It showed us opportunities for our app that we would never have come across focusing on one type of client. So you should always look for the broadest range of collaboration chance because you never know what you might find! It may just open the largest area of opportunity for you!

BONUS TIP: But how do you find collaborators?

This is an example of how we’ve done it but there’s a principle that reigns true from it, so sit back and let the advice wash over you. You know how at the start we joked about Start-ups loving bean bag chairs and Table Tennis? Don’t worry we’re not going back on that. But the reasons why those stereotypes exist is quite simple. When you’re a startup, you’re are just that, you’ve just started up and as we all know… Offices are damn expensive, so to obviously fill this issue, the co-working space was born (Necessity is the Mother of invention and all that). So if you take an office block and fill it with hundreds of small companies all working in different sectors, what do you have? The best network of potential clients and people to collaborate with? YES! If you want a greater opportunity to network or work with people. The co-working space is perfect for you, so if you’re still silver-surfing in coffee shops with your co-founders. This is your next step. It gives you a sense of legitimacy and the opportunities you really need as a fledgling business. Your neighbours become not a nuisance but a resource for business, testing, advice… You name it.  So if you know you need to collaborate with your fellow startups to help growth, then maybe look in to your nearest Co-working space to give yourself the boost you need!    

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Make sure to check out The London Lightbox here and Maison De Choup here!

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5 Tips for Beta Exhibitors at Collision Conference

Just before we left for Collision conference we gave you some tips for if you’re about to be an Alpha exhibitor, but what if you’re about to take that jump to Beta? Firstly congrats on making a massive leap! We just had our first year as a Beta and it’s safe to say things change, so here’s our tips and tricks we learnt to bear in mind, before your larger stand space and status goes to your head!

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It might seem obvious, but a massive difference between Alpha and Beta is that in Beta there’s way less of you and you have way more space! So does everyone utilise their space? No! Most people turn up with some paper marketing and a laptop to play a presentation on. Which we think is a massive waste. It’s an opportunity to get inventive and truly display your brand and to try to stand out. So invest a little in something to set yourself apart, we created a whole style/campaign around the nostalgia of Polaroids and it made people stop and chat to us. So think a little outside the box and utilise your Beta privilege!



You might hear some Alphas crying in despair but Beta did make a difference. Maybe it’s purely that there’s less of us or that you’re further down your ‘roadmap’. But that Beta Blue badge meant we had more people chatting to us than our Alpha days, and it wasn’t just other startups! We had more investors come a knocking and we did more media and press interviews. The lift in ‘status’ (we don’t like calling it that) did help. But do you know what that actually means? You have to be so much more slick than your alpha days. You need to have your pitch  committed to memory past the point of robotics. You need to be able to easily drip feed it to, to whoever you’re talking to. We know it’s not an easy thing to do, but having it ready to go is invaluable. It’s your chance to impress and you can’t waste it! 



This might sound a little evil or maybe just bigheaded, but we know that when we were Alpha we looked at Beta companies like they were a BIG DEAL. Maybe we were just a naive bunch last year, but if you can utilise it, why not? Alpha companies will look to you for advice, collabs, exposure, loads of things. So if there’s a company of interest in Alpha and you look important because your badge, why not flex it a little to see what goodies it can give you. (Even if it just means some more social media interaction 😉 )



We know this isn’t going to be a surprise, Team yada telling you to make the most of an opportunity that involves night life and maybe a few too many drinks. But it’s a networking opportunity just like at the conference, with one key difference. People are looking to let off some steam, let loose a little, whatever appropriate cliché you can think of, and because of that more deals and partnerships get made at Night Summit than anywhere else! People let their guard down a little and have a real chat (or dance off in some cases…). It’s something you can’t miss out on! Even if you’re just looking for some more contacts!

BONUS TIP: If you have some key people already identified, making contact with them and going for a drink before Night Summit and then sticking with them for the night is a fantastic way to rapidly solidify a relationship. If you were the person with them on their craziest night in New Orleans… They’re not going to forget you or more importantly, what you do!



You might not think this is a worthwhile tip, but it really is! You’ve managed to make it to one of the most massive tech conferences, written about by Forbes, Buzzfeed and loads more. While it’s important to use this chance, you should also just take a moment to sniff the roses, to chill and reflect on what you’ve achieved! (It also helps that if you’re more relaxed you’ll probably get more out of the conference). So just think about where you are, enjoy it and everything should be fine!

Those our tips for the next generation of Beta exhibitors! Do you have any tips or advice on how to overcome challenges that you faced at Collision Conference? Let us know by talking to us on Twitter!

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5 Top Tips for Alpha Exhibitors – From a previous ALPHA start-up

Applying for ALPHA and being accepted is an incredibly exciting feeling for any start-up but it can also be a little daunting. If you haven’t been to a tech conference before it is hard to know how to get started, what to do, who to speak to and most importantly how to make the most of it. It is the classic catch 22 of “needing the experience to get experience” but don’t worry, we’ve done it before and are here to help. Here are our top 5 tips on how to ace the ALPHA experience at Collision Conference 2017.

Plan your itinerary

This may seem obvious but it is also the easiest thing to forget. The best thing to do is keep it simple! Luckily Collision gives you all of the tools you need to ensure that you know exactly what is going on before you get to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. The web app and mobile app are invaluable to planning your itinerary. From talks and workshops to Night Summit and bar crawls it has it all. Take your time and go through everything the conference has to offer but don’t commit to too much. Do what works for you and your start-up and remember your exhibiting day is probably the most important so don’t pack too much in.

Create a check-list

You will have so much to remember and we find it really helped to write it all down. Creating a list is a great way to brain dump and clear your head for the most important things (like talking to people and remembering your pitch!). We had a list for everything when we attended and it helped us cover all bases. You have probably spent a lot of time and money preparing for Collision so you don’t want to be kicking yourself last minute if you forget your promotional products in the office. The more you put on paper, the less you have to rely on your brain to remember. Just make sure you remember where you put your checklist!

Perfect your pitch but don’t become a robot

You will have a lot of conversations with different people at the conference as the attendee list ranges from investors to journalists and attendees to speakers. Although you are well rehearsed in what your company is or what your product does, it is hard to keep it fresh and original for each individual. Why not try and write down multiple versions of your pitch? Changing the tone and wording of your pitch won’t take away from the important aspects but it will make it a lot more interesting to listen to. Also, keep it clear and simple! No one knows your product quite like you do and they can’t read your brain so assume that they are completely clueless. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you should be patronising because you never know who you are talking to!

Show your passion

It is hard work to make it this far and it takes passion and dedication to persevere. You should enjoy your time at Collision and look at it as a reward, not a challenge. There is obviously a lot to do whilst you are there and it is hard to let your guard down but your passion is what will make your start-up stand out. Enthusiasm is contagious and people will feel it if you project it whilst you’re pitching. There are lots of other start-ups there and we can guarantee that all of them that they have what it takes so make sure you stand out with a smile and positive attitude. But remember, be humble and don’t fall into the trap of becoming another pushy start-up. Pushy doesn’t mean passion!

Enjoy yourself

Collision Conference is hosted in one of the most incredible cities. New Orleans is the home of music, magic and mardi gras which means they know how to party. Although Collision Conference is the most important reason that you are there, you shouldn’t neglect what this electric place has to offer. Night Summit is where we forged some of our most important relationships with a huge variety of contacts. Come the evening, everyone is ready to enjoy a Pimms Cup or two and let their hair down so don’t feel as if you have to rest-up in your hotel room because you may just miss out on the most important conversation of your trip.

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