What will health tech look like in 10 years?

Robots in development at the Salford Institute for Dementia. Photo by University of Salford Press Office.

This blog is in collaboration with The Thriving Entrepreneur Conference

The future of healthcare is moving towards a digital, autonomous, and patient-first healthcare system. Within the next decade 3D printing, virtual reality, robotics, artificial Intelligence and machine learning will become the norm in healthcare.

With a technologically driven healthcare system just around the corner, here is a breakdown of some of the major health tech trends to expect by 2028.

  1. Machine Learning Medical Practitioners

    Waiting room hours could be cut down massively by 2028 with the introduction of completely automated, machine learning medical practitioners. Within minutes, patients will be able to have their medical history and symptoms understood via a conversational interface. Cameras will analyse how you walk, talk, and interact for signs of common conditions ahead of your discussion with your doctor.

  2. Smart Hospitals

    Robots will be able to perform routine operations, freeing up hospital staff and surgeons to perform more complex surgeries. Body parts will be 3D-printed on site, patient records and registrations will be updated in real time, and patients can arrive and leave by an autonomous shuttle services.

  3. Robot Care Assistants

    On-site robot care assistants will augment nurse home visits while smart home devices will be able to monitor your health. Home artificial intelligence will also relay your progress to your GP surgery in real time, update your medical records, track progress, and adjust accordingly compared to national records. What’s more is that your subscriptions for utilities and third-party plans are adjusted in real time until you recover.

Does this mean that doctors will become obsolete? Not at all. Machine learning technologies will simply act as a tool to assist doctors and medical professionals, allowing them to dedicate more time and energy to saving lives.

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