What does the modern consumer want?

This blog is in collaboration with The Thriving Entrepreneur Conference

When it comes to their buying habits, consumers today are smarter, savvier and more selective than ever.  

In order to appeal to the sophisticated consumer, brands must understand what keeps them engaged. Here are some trends to consider.

The consumer shopping journey is fuelled by Micro-Moments
Our mobile phones have turned into our virtual assistants. A quick “Okay Google” or command to Siri can tell you in seconds where to find the best place to eat, which shows to watch, or what fun activities to do in your city. These ‘intent driven moments of decision making and preference shaping’ otherwise known as micro-moments have trained consumers to expect brands to deliver what they want, when they want. A successful brand then, are the ones who can meet consumer needs in these micro-moments.

Frictionless mobile experiences are now a necessity

53% of consumers will abandon your page if your mobile site takes over 3 seconds to load. That’s according to a study by Google who tested over 11 million mobile ads’ landing pages across 213 countries. They found that large image sizes, slow servers and too much page content were culprits when it came to a lag in speed. Designing a fast web experience is therefore critical to keeping your consumers engaged and on your page. You can test your loading speed with Google’s testing tool.

People’s offline and online worlds are blending

Physical store visits are dropping as more consumers shop online. Due to this meshing of worlds, marketers will need to implement innovative measurement tools that will help them understand their customer’s full store visits across different channels, media types, and devices.

These guidelines that revolve around consumer needs are quickly shaping the marketing landscapes. In order to meet these trends, marketers will have to innovate with the consumer’s expectations in mind.

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