Digital marketing trends in 2020 you should know about


This blog is in collaboration with The Thriving Entrepreneur Conference

Before the digital revolution of the last few years, television, radio, newspaper and magazine advertisements dominated as the main marketing channels.

The creation of social media, smartphones and tablets has transformed the marketing landscape. With digital marketing, brands and businesses have better control of the consumer experience and in 2020 it will only continue to grow.  Here are some of the trends to watch out for.

Digital Platform Trends

We know that the future of marketing is ever changing. Regardless, brands will have to be savvy and adapt to using the most relevant marketing platforms.

According to a survey by the Economic Intelligence Unit, the top three marketing channels expected to dominate in 2020 are as follows: 

  • Social Media– 63%
  • Web – 53%
  • Mobile Apps – 47%

The remaining marketing channels are

  • Mobile Web – 46%
  • Email – 36%
  • Direct Mail 0 17%
  • TV – 15%
  • Radio – 7%
  • Other – 1%

Unsurprisingly, social media and mobile platforms at the top of the list. This indicates the continuing monopolisation of digital platforms over traditional methods in the marketing world. In the future of marketing, the smaller the screen the larger the audience.


Tech Trends

When it comes to the technological trends, social networks and mobile devices will become the most popular choice for marketers and their consumers. The quickest shift will be from desktop to mobile phones. This will also lead to a higher level of personalisation. Even now you must have observed how mobile is gradually replacing desktop.

Here are the technological trends that will hold the most influence in the marketing world:

  • Mobile Devices- 59%
  • Personalised Technologies- 45%
  • Internet- 39%
  • Predictive Analytics – 38%
  • Artificial Intelligence – 37%
  • Virtual Reality – 25%
  • Wearable Technology – 24%
  • Smart Virtual Assistants (e.g. Siri) – 22%
  • Block Chain Tech – 10%

Two years from now, the world of marketing will be dominated by digital marketing. Where will you be?

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