4 reasons why generational diversity is good for the workplace

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This blog is in collaboration with The Thriving Entrepreneur Conference

There are many benefits to having a workplace that’s mixed with both older and younger generations. Younger talent can bring  energy, fresh ideas and a newer perspective to your company while the older generation are bursting with wisdom, guidance and years of experience. Here are other ways that generational diversity can benefit your work space.

1. Everyone brings different skills to the table

A company that is made up of different age groups means you benefit from each generation’s different skill sets and talents. For instance, younger employees are likely to be more tech savvy and have a strong grasp on social media, online product demonstrations and webcasting. More mature professionals often have exceptional interpersonal skills and perform well in environments where traditional in-person communication is used.

2. It nurtures a workplace based on mentorship

With a multi-generational workforce, old and young have the opportunity to teach, share and learn from each other. This creates a work environment where mentorship, gaining knowledge and experience is the norm. Plus you’ll benefit from a team that is constantly developing professionally and personally.  

3. Continuity

A workforce heavily composed only of people in a particular age demographic runs the risk of becoming obsolete. For instance, a workplace dominated only by young professionals means no opportunity for generational mentoring. Meanwhile a team made up of only mature employees means your talent will eventually retire in the near future, leaving behind few people who are familiar with the company’s history. A mixed generation workforce will allow your talent to learn from each other and carry out different tasks that propel the continuity of your company.

4. Your customers will benefit too

Having a multi-generational team will give you an edge when it comes to communicating with customers of different ages. For instance, younger generations are often great at using social media and business technology, which is beneficial for reaching younger audiences. Meanwhile, more mature members of a workforce have the advantage of traditional business skills that are invaluable for client-facing tasks. 

Individually, all the generations have their own key advantages they bring to an organisation. Together, they are a much stronger fort and a competitive advantage any company would want.

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