Top 5 companies you must check out at Event Tech Live 2019

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Event Tech Live 2018 have added over eighty new exhibitors to their lineup of companies attending their this November. That means more exciting event technology to sink your teeth into. While we couldn’t fit all eighty plus event tech companies into our list, we’ve shortlisted five new companies in attendance that you must see.

1 Wimpole Street

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A new addition to this year’s exhibitor lineup, 1 Wimpole Street is an award-winning venue for conferences, meetings and events. Its historical Edwardian building has been home to the Royal Society of Medicine since 1912, housing a collection of the Society’s rarest books. It’s not just a historical building though, as the venue comes equipped with some of the best audio-visual equipment and modern event technology. They also recently won the Install Award at the Event Technology Awards. Nice.

Stand: T1/ 120


YADA Events


YADA is an event tech company aimed at empowering event organisers. Through the YADA app, the company has launched a self-service platform for event managers to create and manage events. YADA has been nominated for three categories in this year’s Event Tech Awards and its co-founder, Mehram Sumray-Roots has been recognised by Exhibition News as a 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur. 

Stand: T1/ 304


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Houston, Texas based tech company Zenus has created facial recognition technology for events which has caught the attention of Fortune 500 companies. Their newest product, the Zenus smart camera is creating a buzz with its facial recognition tech that allows you to measure attendee satisfaction and booth popularity by counting how many people are visiting your booth and analysing their emotions.

Stand: T4/ LP1





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Through their native app and microsite, eventpowwow allows event organisers to give delegates information before during and after an event. Crucial information like registration, agendas, maps, speaker blogs, event diaries can be shared quickly and easily through their unique platform.

Stand: T1/ 206



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Flashmat’s modern entertainment technology has been used by the likes of Adidas, Diesel, Louis Vuitton and Apple for their creative events. Their catalogue of quirky event tech products include their Flashmat Photo Booth, Selfie Box and Polabox which are all customisable and of course, a whole lot of fun.


Stand: T4/ EXP 5

YADA Events are attending Event Tech Live 2018! We’re also part of the Launchpad Competition and would really appreciate it if you voted for us. 


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