5 Top Festival Hacks For Summer ’17


It’s the start of Festival season, also known as our favourite time of year because it brings together our passions: parties, music, events and maybe a couple of drinks. So it’s safe to say that Team YADA is experienced when it comes to the festival season. So we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Freshers Festival to bring you the top five festival hacks to survive your weekend with the most amount of fun and least amount of time drenched in mud!


Portable Charger

Okay, we know this looks like a cop-out… ‘Don’t forget a battery pack!’ sneered in a nasally voice from a tech company, ‘So you can use our app!’ Don’t worry we’re not trying to sell to you. We all want memories and there’s nothing worse than missing your friend’s Olympic standard mud slide because of low power mode! So always remember an extra portable charger or three. You never know.

2. Doritos

You might be thinking we’re mad and you’re probably right. Don’t worry we’re not assuming everyone loves Doritos and they’re an essential snack. But if you’re at a proper camping festival, you’ll want make a camp fire and that can be quite the task in a field, especially when you’re a millennial with no camping experience. But have no fear, Doritos can save the day! (it also works with any tortilla chips) They make great kindling and make starting a campfire so much easier! (Watch the video to see how…) So remember to pack Doritos and don’t eat them till the campfire’s going…

3. Wet Wipes

Okay so we don’t want to get too graphic… But toilets at festivals or just bathing in general is not something to be desired. So your new best friend are a pack of Wet Wipes. They’re the perfect tool for a quick freshen up and it can definitely save you from some #Awks experiences, that’s for sure. So always double up!

4. Sun block

Again we probably sound like someone’s Nan, but believes us there’s nothing worse than turning in to a lobster after the first day and every dance move causing pain thereafter. So make sure to sunblock up to make sure you can properly boogie your way through the festival. Protect ya neck!

BONUS TIP: We know a lot of a festival is about drinking (responsibly of course) but remember if in the unlikely event it’s actually sunny in the UK, you need to keep hydrated! No one should be a festival succulent.

5. Shoes


Regardless of if you love #creps or not. The shoes you wear to a festival are important and we’re not talking about if they match your ‘garms’. More Nan talk but you’ll be happier in some walking boots for support and surviving the mud. Whereas your sneakers will probably end up in a bin bag by the end #JustSayin. So think about your shoe choice and leave the crocs at home. 

Do you have any amazing Festival tips? Let us know by talking to us on Twitter! 

Make sure if you’re a student heading up to Bonnie’ Scotland for uni check out Freshers Festival in Glasgow.

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