5 tips for BETA exhibitors at Collision Conference

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Just before we left for Collision conference we gave you some tips for if you’re about to be an Alpha exhibitor, but what if you’re about to take that jump to Beta? Firstly congrats on making a massive leap! We just had our first year as a Beta and it’s safe to say things change, so here’s our tips and tricks we learnt to bear in mind, before your larger stand space and status goes to your head!


It might seem obvious, but a massive difference between Alpha and Beta is that in Beta there’s way less of you and you have way more space! So does everyone utilise their space? No! Most people turn up with some paper marketing and a laptop to play a presentation on. Which we think is a massive waste. It’s an opportunity to get inventive and truly display your brand and to try to stand out. So invest a little in something to set yourself apart, we created a whole style/campaign around the nostalgia of Polaroids and it made people stop and chat to us. So think a little outside the box and utilise your Beta privilege!



You might hear some Alphas crying in despair but Beta did make a difference. Maybe it’s purely that there’s less of us or that you’re further down your ‘roadmap’. But that Beta Blue badge meant we had more people chatting to us than our Alpha days, and it wasn’t just other startups! We had more investors come a knocking and we did more media and press interviews. The lift in ‘status’ (we don’t like calling it that) did help. But do you know what that actually means? You have to be so much more slick than your alpha days. You need to have your pitch  committed to memory past the point of robotics. You need to be able to easily drip feed it to, to whoever you’re talking to. We know it’s not an easy thing to do, but having it ready to go is invaluable. It’s your chance to impress and you can’t waste it! 



This might sound a little evil or maybe just bigheaded, but we know that when we were Alpha we looked at Beta companies like they were a BIG DEAL. Maybe we were just a naive bunch last year, but if you can utilise it, why not? Alpha companies will look to you for advice, collabs, exposure, loads of things. So if there’s a company of interest in Alpha and you look important because your badge, why not flex it a little to see what goodies it can give you. (Even if it just means some more social media interaction 😉 )



We know this isn’t going to be a surprise, Team yada telling you to make the most of an opportunity that involves night life and maybe a few too many drinks. But it’s a networking opportunity just like at the conference, with one key difference. People are looking to let off some steam, let loose a little, whatever appropriate cliché you can think of, and because of that more deals and partnerships get made at Night Summit than anywhere else! People let their guard down a little and have a real chat (or dance off in some cases…). It’s something you can’t miss out on! Even if you’re just looking for some more contacts!

BONUS TIP: If you have some key people already identified, making contact with them and going for a drink before Night Summit and then sticking with them for the night is a fantastic way to rapidly solidify a relationship. If you were the person with them on their craziest night in New Orleans… They’re not going to forget you or more importantly, what you do!



You might not think this is a worthwhile tip, but it really is! You’ve managed to make it to one of the most massive tech conferences, written about by Forbes, Buzzfeed and loads more. While it’s important to use this chance, you should also just take a moment to sniff the roses, to chill and reflect on what you’ve achieved! (It also helps that if you’re more relaxed you’ll probably get more out of the conference). So just think about where you are, enjoy it and everything should be fine!

Those our tips for the next generation of Beta exhibitors! Do you have any tips or advice on how to overcome challenges that you faced at Collision Conference? Let us know by talking to us on Twitter!

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  1. We exhibited at B121 Stand our Beta Start-up ” Freedom.desi ” Indeed it was a great milestone for us & surely in comparison to few alpha friends we interacted, we were getting more traction and eye balls.

    We were able to close a big partnership with Cofare Cash another exhibiting start-up from New York.

    We had handful of investor meetings and I must credit a bit to our backend team and rest to our beta reputation.

    Not to miss we went live with #collisionconf and covered by media well.

    Most important tip – Beta is right investment for revenue stage start-up.

    We are focused on the follow up now and soon will update how it concluded into results.

    Best, Yogi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome stuff! So glad you got so much out of it, and you’re so right with your most important tip. We’re so glad we invested in BETA, so much so we’re going to WebSummit in Lisbon this year as a BETA again!


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