London Coffee Festival 2017 + UK CoffeeWeek

It may be obvious if you check our Twitter or Instagram religiously, but we’re fairly coffee keen. A day can’t go by without team YADA enjoying a double shot latte macchiato, some cold brew or just your everyday caramel latte. So, when we saw there was a London Coffee Festival on the 6-9th of April and basically next door to YADA HQ at the Old Truman Brewery…. Well, the tickets mysteriously bought themselves.

It’s safe to say that we weren’t incredibly sure what to expect. We love a good artisan coffee house, but a whole festival is another ball game entirely. Especially as we had to head down on what was supposedly the ‘trade/industry day’ (damn meetings). But the trade day made it better! Admittedly it was very packed, but every conversation we were in or overheard was filled with so much passion it made the day feel like a community meeting rather than a conference or industry day.

So, what happened at the Coffee Festival?

Well, once you make it in to the beautiful Truman Brewery you’re met with everything you could ever conceive of being related to everyone’s favourite caffeinated bev. There was all manner of different artisan roasterys (with more blends, grades and roasts of beans than you could imagine), machines, grinders and all sorts of cafe paraphernalia you never thought to exist! There were trying sections and displays (Oatly and Old Spike Roast were particularly delicious) and probably everyone’s favourite section… Latte Art Live!

Ever wondered how you get a coffee with a fern leaf or a heart? Well at stations all around the brewery you could try and learn for yourself, under the supervision of the ‘Coffee Masters’.  The crowds spoke for themselves, everyone wanted to be a barista for the day and it was quite the spectacle, even if some of the latte hearts looked more pear-like than anything.

Another great element of the festival was the coffee competitions (yep, you read competitions correctly). The festival gathered together as many coffee masters together and pit them in competition with each other to make the best cups of coffee possible using different methods.  You wouldn’t think making a cup of coffee could become a spectator sport, but with hosts to explain the nuances of everything going on, the choices of the competitors, and live judging. It became quite the event (and we do love events).

The three-day festival also ear marks the start of UK Coffee Week, from April 10-16th (Our new favourite week of the year). Which is a week-long fundraising initiative to raise money for Project Water! So, there will be lots of coffee events this week and loads of your favourite coffee shops will be giving proceeds to help support the charity. What’s not to love!

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