The Fresh Business Thinking Shift 100 – the Madtech edition

Shift-100-Mad-Tech-logoSo YADA’s been included in The Fresh Business Thinking Shift 100 – the Madtech edition – in association with KPMG Small Business Accounting. Now to decode that sentence, basically we’ve been included in this amazing list of startups and company’s that are reinventing marketing and advertising in a digital world, hence the ‘Madtech’.

We have something to admit though, we only apply to half the criteria of the list. There we said it, we got it out there. We don’t have much of an advertising section to the app right now, but we make up for it in spades with marketing. But before we get to that…

What do we do?

yada is a real-time event management platform, which allows users to create events and fully personalise them. Users can connect with other guests via the app or by scanning and share photos, videos and comments in real-time and with social media hashtag integration. It also allows for this content to be combined with the ‘LiveView’ feature to form a projectable real-time view of the event… But why’s this been included in a marketing top 100 list?

Well, yada has a hidden game changer, content uploaded in to the app can be used as marketing material. YOU have the rights. So, any amazing photos… are yours!  Want to view complex analytics of your attendees? It can also be done in-app. You can know who came and what to change for next time to make the perfect event.

Similarly, if people are using an app for information and interacting at your events, it’s safe to say you want it to be memorable and easily linked to you. The inclusion of a skin with your branding means that whenever people are using the app, your identity is present. It’s going to make your event look the part (regardless of its size) of a ‘tier 1 conference’ with great ‘scalability’… don’t worry if you don’t know what this new management jargon means, having your logo on things is just awesome anyway!

Finally, we all know social engagement is key. You’re dealing with ‘generation selfie’ and need to create a social buzz around any event you’re involved in. It’s an important part of marketing. This is where LiveView comes in. People can post images, comments and tweets using event specific hashtags. This means you can have a constant feed to display to your attendees and keep them engaged. It can help mould your attendees into a mini community and push them in to the realms of ‘tribal marketing’ – Yes that is a thing, we’re not joking.

This approach turns a 1 day event in to a continuous marketing opportunity over time with a coherent, connected campaign from event announcement to the day itself and allows you to engage with the attendees long afterwards, as well as all the people that were interested, but couldn’t attend.

So, we might not have masses of advertising at the moment, but we clearly deliver enough in terms of marketing to be included in the top 100 list!

Check out the full list here and make sure to follow us on Twitter! 

Why not email the author about featuring on the blog or getting in touch with yada Events app:

Try out the app and see how you can use it for your next event management project.

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