The Event Production Show- Review

This week we were lucky enough to attend the Event Production show at London’s iconic Olympia in Kensington. It was part of a two-day event in collaboration with its sister conference, International Confex, but today we’re going to be talking solely about EPS. That’s because it definitely deserves its own spotlight as an event. Both Confex and EPS focus on suppliers and organising events, but what separated EPS (for us at least) was their focus on event tech. So, no surprises that we were interested, but here’s a special reason why…


They gave an entire floor for a separate event tech section. It meant everyone could come together and showcase the best the industry has to offer. There were the likes of Eventbrite, Livebuzz, our friends at What3Words and more. Name an event tech supplier and they made an appearance, even if they weren’t exhibiting and that’s important. Event tech is on the rise and giving a space where we could all come together highlighted that. It also gave a space where we could come together and have a drink, but that’s half the fun of conferences right?

What could non-event tech professionals get out of it? Well, other than meeting all the providers they could ever need, EPS held loads of sessions, talks and roundtable discussions about everything events and event tech related you could think of. If you needed social media help? There was a session for it. Thinking about making an event tech app yourself? There was a session from the lovely team at Quander about it. It had everything. Our favourite session and one that really stood out from the day as a whole, was a discussion about the future and trends of event tech for 2017. The session had the CEO of Bizzabo, the Marketing Director of Eventbrite and lots of other top influencers in the event tech world. Who took the time to chat everything event tech from drones and RFIDs and other aspects of physical tech to software and our favourite, apps. It was great to see where they think the industry is headed…


But what was our biggest takeaway? Social is the key. Event tech needs a greater integration in to social media, not just to make attendees lives easier but also to really keep them engaged. There’s nothing worse than putting on an event and having a bored looking and disinterested audience, and it seemed all of the panel agreed the key to avoiding those bored attendees, is technology. Of course, this made Team yada rather happy, but if they all agreed it must be true.


Overall EPS was a great event. You had the traditional style of event show with suppliers for everything from stages to promotional material. There was crazy startups and food providers (liquid nitrogen ice cream is clearly the new thing…) and of course our favourite event tech section. It was the central hub of all things event production, as it should be. We whole heartedly recommend the show to Event Profs! Although we would have liked some more seating areas! It’s hard to balance lunch, your cocktail and all the business cards from new contacts. It’s a hard life as an Event Prof, but we’ll be back next year. That’s for sure!

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