London’s Top 3 Pancake Day Pop-up’s


So, it’s Pancake day tomorrow, or Shrove Tuesday to those more traditional folks. Whether you’re interested in the religious background of the holiday or not, we just love a good pancake. With so much going on around yada HQ, it is time to eat some well-deserved carbs and celebrate.We thought we should give you the three sweet places to visit where you can savour some delicious pancake-y goodness.

The Great Spitalfields Pancake Day Race:

Yes, you read that right. In the heart of East London at the Old Truman Brewery there’s going to be a pancake race to support the London Air Ambulance (and of course to try and win the coveted ‘winner’s frying pan’). You’ll be supplied with a delicious hot crêpe and pan then you’re ready to go. You don’t even have to register beforehand – just make sure to have a donation ready! It’s free to watch, so you can head down and watch the hilarity unfurl in front of your eyes (we know where we’re spending lunch tomorrow) and chow down on the best breakfast substance known to humanity all in aid of a great cause – a true lunch break of champions.


Crêpe Affair on The Green:

Holy crêpe, you do not want to miss this! Shoreditch’s trendy pop-up hub Boxpark is serving crêpes on their green all day tomorrow and if you can’t make it down to the fun, they’re also continuing their fiendish frying through Wednesday and Thursday. So, if tomorrow’s not right for you, head down to Shoreditch High street on those days and commandeer yourself a crêpe to consume on one of the best holidays this year.


The Breakfast Club’s Pancake Day Challenge:

All our other options have been entered in East London and we’re sorry! It’s hard to drag us away from the Silicon Roundabout sometimes. But here’s an option with lots of potential locations for you.  Everyone’s favourite breakfast diner, the aptly named ‘The Breakfast Club’ is offering up a challenge and you ‘batter believe that it’s a challenge’! Tomorrow at all their locations you can undertake a challenge to eat a 12 stack of pancakes in under 12 minutes and if you succeed you don’t have to pay – it costs £20 to enter. However, if you’re unsuccessful all the proceeds go to local charities and you get a keyring just for entering. So, find your nearest Breakfast Club and see if you can throw down the oven glove and conquer their crêpe challenge!

There are our three favourite Pancake day pop-ups for you to head to this week. We know we’re going to be taking the opportunity to increase our pancake intake by a large margin. So, if you do as well, make sure to send us photos on Twitter or Instagram!

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  1. Hey there… We want to know where the best place is to enjoy great chocolate pancakes and possibly those the size of manhole covers too? We love quality and quantity too!


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