Event Buyer’s Live – Day 1

whatsapp-image-2017-02-09-at-15-30-08This week we were lucky enough to attend Event Buyer’s Live at the swanky Hilton Hotel in Heathrow. It was a two-day event dedicated to business, networking and seminars with fantastic industry gurus such as Mark Wright, Maggie Crowe OBE and Adam Parry. So we thought we’d give a cheeky review of the first day at Event Buyer’s Live. Any event that is run by and for event professionals is going to be good, but the team at Event Buyer’s Live took things to a new level with their hospitality, generosity and organisation. We were in absolute awe and here is why…

When arriving at the venue you couldn’t help but be excited for the event because there was signage everywhere, if anyone knows how to broadcast an event, it is these guys and they made sure that they captured your attention. As you made your way through the stunning hotel, you were greeted by a lovely team who were happy to help you register, settle in and prep for the day ahead. We made it just in time for the seminar with Maggie Crowe OBE, the event director at BPI / BRIT awards and we are so glad we did! Maggie was inspirational to say the least which wasn’t surprising when you consider her lifetime of successful event planning. The BRITS is most definitely #eventgoals with its £6 million budget and star-studded guest list but what really gave us the chills was when Maggie said that they had outgrown the O2 Arena. You know that you are the bees-knees of the events business when you need more than a 20,000 capacity and the second biggest arena in the UK just isn’t enough. Although we were a little star struck, we managed to soak up every drop of wisdom and our notepad was full of scribbles by the end of the seminar.

What was our biggest takeaway? Well, when we weren’t giggling at Maggie’s stories about various celebrities back stage and their behaviour (sorry we were sworn to secrecy so we can’t repeat them) we were inundated with nuggets of advice so it was hard just to pick one. Maggie’s keys to success are surrounding herself with a solid team of all ages, knowing her core components that make The BRITS what we all know and love, plus never showing what goes on behind the curtain because it isn’t all that glamourous. Even if you aren’t quite at The BRITS level yourself you can learn from Maggie’s advice as we definitely plan to. Thanks Maggie!

The second stand out part of the event for Team yada was the roundtable discussion led by Adam Parry, the co-founder of Event Tech Live. Now it is no secret that we love event tech here at yada HQ but this guy loves it even more than us. Adam is the Encyclopaedia of all things event tech and knows the latest and greatest from that industry. He began the discussion by announcing that the biggest trend in event tech this year, and the big players to watch were… drum roll please… yada. No, we are joking (one day!) it is was actually our lovely partners What3Words (hooray!). For those of you that don’t know, What3Words is a giant grid comprised of 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares that cover the entire globe. It is the simplest way to communicate location and they are making real splash in the tech world. We already have this technology integrated into our app so event profs… you know where to come. This announcement was followed by a discussion on why we need event tech, where can we find it and what benefit does it bring. For people of all ages, this topic is huge and important for the event industry as everything is moving that way. We aren’t just talking about apps, we are talking about heat mapping, connectivity, AR / VR and wearables. It may seem a lot to think about, but Adam and the team at Event Tech Live can help!

We spent the rest of the event networking and chatting to fantastic suppliers. From ticketing solutions to talent hire, staffing to stunning tents or live music to loos for dos, this event had it all. Check out Event Buyer’s Live here and make sure to follow them on Twitter!


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