EllaGuru – What a night!:

Strap in for an exciting and different one guys. We’re expanding our recent more cultural forays to talk about one of our favourite events we’ve been to in a while, an acoustic music session called EllaGuru. You might be thinking, has yada gone mad? There’s no tech? No Digital? That’s what they’re all about! And you’re right. We do love those things, but we also love damn good music and that’s what Pixie Lott’s charitable sessions provided.


EllaGuru works on a simple premise, on the first Thursday of every month in the Oliver Conquest Gin bar (you had us at Gin bar…) Pixie Lott hosts a music session for four upcoming talented acts in the aim to raise money for charity. You pay a fiver per head to get in (your charitable donation – of course we recommend giving more!) and a cut from most of the drinks also goes to the charity. This month’s charity was The Samaritans in their new Sing for The Samaritans campaign. Once you’re in you can mingle, get a drink and wait for Pixie to start the show, and what a show it was!

We had 3 powerful women singers and one very whimsical man (you’re still powerful Leo – but you sang a song about Donald Trump and Ru Paul meeting in a coffee house, we have to call you witty). So here’s the low down on the four acts:

Sydney Rutherford

This is the first of our powerful ladies and she was truly impressive. Sydney sang a paired back set of just her and her guitar, but it didn’t feel paired back at all! She sang with an Amy Winehouse like twang and and made us giggle with songs like Not Today Satan and told us stories of a friend’s psycho ex-girlfriend. She was a barrel of laughs, and a great character to kick off the night!  Check out her Facebook page and of course you can find her EP here – she’s definitely one to watch!


Don’t let the slightly cryptic name of our next musician put you off (She was also accompanied by the lovely Ewan on keys). Megana was our most ‘alternative’  (although we hate that word) musician of the evening, but she gave us a duet with Ewan that – excuse the cliché here – literally gave us chills. It was slow and harmonic and built in some really heartfelt music – especially for an East End London bar. So you need to check Megana out here and buy her E.P here. You wont be sorry!

Clara Bond

Our final lady of the evening but accompanied by her lovely band and writing partner/guitarist Ollie. Clara brought another new flavour to the evening- country twang. Think early Taylor Swift and if you reach Dixie Chicks you’ve gone too far. It was pop inspired upbeat music and she had the whole crowd in rapture. Another one to check and watch because when she gets big you can say you found her here first! Here’s a link to her Facebook page and of course her lovely E.P that you should check out.

Leo Aram-Downs

That leaves the funny man, but he was a damn sight more talented than just a great writer (but songs about Pixar, The Walking Dead and more do highlight that!). Leo’s band brought a jazzy taste the evening akin to Bad Bad Not Good without the flute solos (they also deserve recognition for a fantastic double bassist and just for having the courage to transport a double bass around London- you are quite literally stronger people than us). But the group melded together beautifully and we felt like we were in the basement of Ronnie Scott’s for a while, and that can only be a good thing. So if you love just fantastic musicianship and witty lyrics then I implore you! Check out Leo here!

They were four fantastic artists and all well deserving of a place in a music session hosted by a success story like Pixie Lott, but of course there’s a bigger and more important message to all of this. This was a charity event and it was all for a fantastic cause. The Samaritans have been on the phone for anyone who needs it 24/7 for 64 years and are a leading Mental Health charity. Each admission paid for one of those many calls and we think using music and the arts to help are a fantastic idea and everyone should try and help out. Check out The Samaritans here and learn about all the fantastic work they do.

We had a fantastic evening and will be definitely looking to go to more events like this! Do you know of any? Tell us on Twitter!

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