3 Apps To Improve Your Gig/Music event!


Tech and apps are expanding in to every corner of our lives. The world is becoming more and more ‘internet enabled’. There are fridges you can tweet from, washing machines you can turn on on the go and cups which link to your phone and analyse your calorific intake. Apps and tech are everywhere, but there’s one place where more can be done and that’s apps for music events! In general music events apps are usually ‘what’s on apps’. A simple app which tells you anything that’s going on in your area. But which apps are out there that can make your event more interactive? And not just for attendees but organisers? We decided to make a list of apps you could use for your music event and bring it to the next level!


1.  Giggo

This one is more for organising your event, but It definitely deserves a mention. If you’re involved in organising any sort of music event, it could save you so much time… The premise is simple, a platform to link musicians and venues together. You can make a profile for whichever you are, make a list of equipment you have or need and even search by genre to find your perfect act or venue! That simple. If you just need help finding a musician or you have a niche idea that requires a genre that’s more off the beaten track (you can even find Polka groups on there… Yes we said Polka) then you have to check them out.

The London based duo have a slick app for both android and iOS. So you can easily be set up and chatting to your desirables in minutes. So if you’re in the game of organising events, or a gigging musician this ones for you!  Check them out here.


2. GigPic

This one’s more for your attendees, especially if they love their gigs! Again it’s a simple premise, take instagram and make it focused on one thing…Live music. The app allows you to make an account and post images and join a community of like minded music maniacs and post all of your shots from any live music event you attend. Thrown in are some lovely news, tours, and competition sections, so you can really feel like you’re part of a hippy music convent or underground rave warehouse dependent on your tastes, community is their key.  So next time you’re trying to put on a music event, try and tap in to a die hard audience of audiophiles and promote your event on GigPic for some more engagement!  Check them out here and on the play and app store.


3. yada

Now we’re not technically focused on just music, you caught us. We do a lot more, but we’ve been used for quite a few music events thus far and we think we can take any event to the next level. Just like GigPic we can make a greater sense of community for your event, but with LiveView and twitter hashtag integration we can take that conversation and images in to the wider world of social media and display everyones photos and tweets around the venue! People love seeing their selfie up on walls so that they can have their 5 minutes of fame, so we can help create an even bigger buzz than your music alone.

Another great feature is the ability to send messages in app! do any of your attendees have a burning question to ask your musical talent? Send it in app (we can’t guarantee that your talent will want to respond though). Or if your attendees have any pressing issues they need to talk to you the organiser about… It can save you so much time. 

Check out the app being used at a music event here:

Like we said before, tech is becoming part of every aspect of life, so why not include it in your music events. It can make it not only easier logistically, but easier for your marketing or just to ensure that everyone has a good time! that’s what we all want in the end anyway!

Do you have any ways to introduce tech to music events? Let us know by talking to us on Twitter!

Why not email the author about featuring on the blog or getting in touch with yada Events app: rhys.terrar@yada.events

Try out the app and see how you can use it for your next event management project.

Download it on the App Store or Google Play and follow us




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