Banking Hall- Venue Review

We know you’ve heard about our visit to the London Summer Events Show, we loved it and met so many fantastic people we couldn’t help but blog about it. But the yada team feel like we slightly missed out the unsung hero of our last blog. We made a list of our Top 3 stalls from LSES (you can read it here, there are some beautiful displays!). But we missed out the gorgeous venue, Banking Hall. So we thought we’d throw together a mini review so they don’t go without the praise they definitely deserve!


There’s no way to start this without sounding gushy but here goes. What a venue. Both the exterior and interior are an opulent baroque dream. It doesn’t matter if you love rococo, bauhaus, or brutalist architecture. This grade II listed building is simply astounding, filled with doric columns head to toe and picturesque stairways and balconies. The space is a classic. But here’s why it was an ideal venue, it was understated. The team at Story Events and Banking hall took the main hall and made it truly support the London Summer Events Show. The struggle of having such a beautiful venue is that often it can dominate your event. People spend more time in awe of the venue (and who can blame them… you picked a beauty) and don’t focus as much on why they’re really there! But the team at Story filled the hall with tightly packed stands, fun asides like street lamps and floral arrangements and union jack flags above, so that the London Summer theme was ever present. People’s minds were never dominated by the beauty of the venue, they worked together to give a constant and timeless aesthetic to the event.

Another unsung hero was the catering and staff. Banking Hall provided cocktails on all floors, all kinds of food from breakfast all the way through to dinner and it was all finished to the level of exclusive London City venue. They made the experience of all day expos, which lets face it, can be tiring and hungry affairs, easy. We didn’t have to leave for snacks. We could easily navigate it, and were always met with a smiling face. So here’s to you Banking Hall, in cooperation with Story Events you were essentially a perfect venue!

You can find out more about Banking Hall here and make sure to check out the London Summer Events Show here.

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