The Top 3 Stalls at the London Summer Events Show!

Earlier this week we headed to the London Summer Events Show at the opulent Banking Hall to meet and chat with all of the beautiful venues, delicious caterers and superb suppliers London has to offer. We went on both the Tuesday evening (for some scrumptious cocktails) and all day Wednesday so we could get the event’s full experience and it was such an experience, we thought we’d make a list of our three favourite stalls or workshops. Just so you don’t feel like you’ve missed out on anything!

3. The Jamie Oliver Cookery School

This was more of a workshop than just a stall, but we had so much fun it had to be included! So why did it make the list? Simple! It involved making food and not just any kind of food, Italian food! The yada team is partial to pasta so the moment we heard we could try our hand at making some… Where do we sign up!

The workshop had three stations for people to man and create their picturesque parcels (some of ours were less than perfect…)  and was all lead by one of Jamie’s master chefs! He took us slowly through the entire process and made all of us feel like we deserved a Michelin star! So how could we not give the number three spot to the Jamie Oliver Cookery School! Food and Friendly people are always going to be a hit.

Another amazing plus, one that we sadly missed, was that famous chef Gennaro Contaldo came along and lead one of the workshops himself! We can’t believe we got so swept up in the glamour of the day that we missed it! But we loved our time making pasta and chatting with everyone at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School so it’s definitely a well deserved place in the top 3! Check them out on twitter!

2. GC Couture

It’s another food company… It might seem like food is the way to our heart and you might be right, but we had to include GC Couture in our list! The London based luxury wedding cake supplier’s stand was simply one word… Beautiful! It seems that everyone else seemed to think so as well as they won a ‘golden hoof’ from Lady Summer Evelyn Skye (The LSES Donkey mascot) for everyone’s favourite stall of 2017! Which means we might not be everyone’s favourite now, as we’re giving it our second place, but wait and see what’s to come!

The cakes were absolutely gorgeous with their airy blue and pastel pink tones and we were even given some in a goodie bag! So they sky rocketed to the number two position of our favourite stalls from this year’s LSES! So check them and their delicious cakes out here on twitter!

Now a drum roll please…. Our favourite stall of this year’s LSES is …


Yep it’s our furry headed friends over at INSYNC Events who clinch the number one spot! How could it not be! Their stall created the industry’s favourite buzzword term, an immersive experience. Their wind in the willows theme and styling, station to make your own woodland creature mask, and outright enthusiasm and playful staff made them take our pole position. The London Summer Events Show prides itself on not hosting a traditional event. You know the kind of expo where it’s filled with pop-up banners as far as the eye can see? INSYNC clearly followed that message to a tee and made a beautiful stand with trees, benches and more. They brought the willows to London, so we had to give them our no. 1 position as our favourite stall from the event! Check them out here on twitter!

It was a fantastic event and a huge thank you to the London Summer Events Show for letting us come along! Check out their website here and make sure you come to the next one! You won’t regret it!

Do you think we’ve wrongfully missed anyone out of our list?  Let us know by talking to us on Twitter!

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