3 Last minute Burns Night activities

‘My theory is that all of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare.’  -Mike Myers

It’s Burns Night today. Everyone’s favourite excuse to read poetry, drink whisky and wear kilts. So we thought we’d throw together a few of our essential spots to spend your evening praising the ‘great chieftain of the sausage race!’ (Haggis to those who don’t want to translate 18th century Scottish poets). So here are our three favourite places to spend the evening in whiskey fuelled bliss:

1.  Burns Baby Burns in Hackney


Burns Baby Burns gives everyone the perfect opportunity to experience a quintessential Burns night. Spread across multiple days and starting from only £35 for ‘paupers dinning’, you get Haggis, Tatties and Iron Bru ice cream (Oh my!) with Whiskey and as much Ceilidh dancing as you can handle! This evening even gives you the chance to rent your favourite or family Tartan so you can dress like a Scot, while you drink like a Scot! (Historians among you may be screaming that kilts are actually a Danish garment not Scottish, but we wont tell them if you don’t)

So if you’re looking for a picturesque Scott’s jamboree in the heart of East London. Head here  and book your ticket for Friday or Saturday!

2. Milroy’s


If you’re looking for something with a little less Tartan, head down to Milroy’s in Soho. The London based scotch specialist is doing a special event for our favourite Scottish holiday in their Vault bar. You can go along try drams of whiskey and even a Haggis cocktail- If you’ve got the guts for it. If you feel like you need to mark the occasion with out all of the dancing, but with Soho sophistication head to here or check their twitter for more details. (beware though this one’s only on today!)

3. Queen of Hoxton


Want something that’s not a traditional evening but still includes the time honoured traditions with a millennial twist?  The Queen of Hoxton is hosting a ‘Burns night in the Wigwam’ so you can have Haggis and even a deep fried Mars bar in the wigwam roof top bar. Culminating in the famous address to the Haggis and constant whiskey tastings, why not get merry in your tartan on the roof of one of London’s favourite clubs. It’s free entry but only on the 25th so make sure to get there early! Head here  for more details. 

Do you have any places we missed? Let us know by talking to us on Twitter!

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