4 Reasons why YOU need event tech!

Events tech is on the rise and we’re not just saying that because we’re in it! From the average event budget, £3535 was spent on tech alone and it’s set to increase. It’s the start of the next business revolution akin to a business card, so here’s the 4 reasons why you need event tech at your next soiree.



This is a biggie, we’re in a world of diminishing numbers of trees, greenhouse gas peaks and where your carbon footprint isn’t just a pair of fancy trainers. Everyone needs to be more conscientious of their environmental impact, and removing thousands of fliers or agendas from your event is an easy way to do it.

This lack of paper stuff also has another advantage, it’s an easy way to show off your company culture. We don’t mean the hipster ‘we have bean bags in the office, we’re so fun!’ company culture. We mean that today your brands personal viewpoint and ethos is a major part of business. People like to see that everyone is united in a similar belief, and a commitment to scrapping that old-fashioned paper marketing will show that!

Another reason? It puts you on the same page as some big wigs in business. Companies like IBM, HP and Standard Charter have been talking about going paperless in the entirety of their business for years. So, it’s an opportunity to flex your company culture and do what the top 1% can’t!



If people are using an app for information and interacting at your events, it’s safe to say you want it to be memorable and easily linked to you. The inclusion of a skin with your branding means that whenever people are using the app, your identity is present. It’s going to make your event look the part (regardless of its size) of a ‘tier 1 conference’ with great ‘scalability’… don’t worry if you don’t know what this new management jargon means, we don’t either!



Social engagement is key. You’re dealing with ‘generation selfie’ and need to create a social buzz around any event you’re involved as this is an important part of marketing. This is where event tech (but especially yada – just sayin’) can do the work for you. Having a LiveView where people can post images, comments and tweets using event specific hashtags, means you can have a constant feed to display to your attendees. It can help mould your attendees into a mini community and push them in to the realms of ‘tribal marketing’ – Yes that is a thing, we’re not joking.

This approach turns a 1 day event in to a continuous marketing opportunity over time with a coherent, connected campaign from event announcement to the day itself and allows you to engage with the attendees long afterwards, as well as all the people that were interested, but couldn’t attend. Especially for the people there, everyone loves to have a spot in the lime light, so posting a selfie that appears on a projected social feed through LiveView always helps drum up a greater level of social engagement and tickles the supposed ‘narcissism’ of millennials. 

_MG_9967 (1).jpg

4.Makes your life EASIER

Let’s not forget the most important reason! It saves you time, money and makes your life simpler. Every organiser has had this nightmare. It’s the big day of your event, you’ve got your perfect keynote speaker. They have the influence, they’re engaging. They’re the key to your event and… they pull out last minute. Your schedule, social media, paper marketing is now all wrong! But, if you’re using an event app at least you can update your attendees and change your schedules instantly and not put your money to waste!

Event tech also has a hidden game changer, content uploaded in to the app can be used as marketing material. YOU have the rights. So, any amazing photos… are yours!  Want to view complex analytics of your attendees? It can also be done in-app. You can know who came and what to change for next time to make the perfect event. Can you afford to ignore event tech?

So, why not check out yada and see what you’re missing from your events, no matter the size.

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