The Secrets to Successful Networking for Introvert Entrepreneurs – Conscious Cocoon.

Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.

― Bill Nye

Self-development and mindfulness are massive topics right now whether you’re interested in business or solely self-improvement. So the yada team thought we’d take the opportunity to practice what we preach and head to a seminar to hopefully pick up some all important networking tips ahead of our WeWork Spitalfields networking takeover on the 19th!

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We decided to join a session hosted by Mary Jane Boholst of Conscious Cocoon. The session was aimed at introvert entrepreneurs to give them the ‘secrets to success’. Now no one at yada is much of a wallflower (we all have our moments), but the session was filled with tips which are useful to everyone, regardless of your disposition. So, here’s a few highlights, but remember you can always head to to speak to Mary Jane herself for more details and book your own session, we’d highly recommend it!

Finding events for YOU!

This applies to everyone, if you’re going to invest your time into networking you want to see a return. So how do I find an event for me? That’s easy! Who are you trying to talk to? What sector do you need contacts in? You need to find the identifier for your people. Are they event professionals? Brick layers? Candlestick makers? Everyone has their tribe and once you figure out who that is… Google is your friend!

Pro-tip: Focus on your favourite client, we want more of these kind of people, there’s nothing better than actually enjoying who you’re woking with. Make sure to to head to for more tips on figuring out the who’s and hows.

Now what?

You did it! You found an event, it’s this evening… But how are you going to talk to people, what’s your pitch? How do you open? How do you close? *Breathe* It’s okay, here’s our favourite tip from Mary Jane and one we’ll definitely be implementing. Don’t open… You’re not crazy, you did read that right. We mean don’t open with business, take five minutes just to chat to someone and get to know them. You have to be curious about them before you even bring in work. Opening with ‘what do you do’ limits the whole conversation. It makes it transactional and removes a human element, people want to do business with people they like not just a contact on a card.

Also, remember you can’t help everyone. If you’re not in the position to work with someone, if they seem genuine, see if you know anyone who can or share your own knowledge (what goes around comes around and a favour can go a long way and can lead to some business down the line).

Fortune is in the FOLLOW UP!

Next step? Remember what you have achieved! You survived some networking maybe you even enjoyed it. But this right here is the crucial step! Never forget to follow up! We found out from Mary Jane that 80% of sales happen on the 5-12th point of contact. So, make sure to follow up and be committed! It can take time, but perseverance can be the difference between a lost contact and a new contract!

Mary Jane’s session was filled with loads more nuggets and tips like these! So, make sure to seek her out for more networking help.

Want to put these tips to use? Make sure to attend our Networking takeover at WeWork Spitalfields on January 19th. It’ll have live music provided by Jasper Wilde, and drinks from Copperhead Gin! If  you want to come and hone your skills, get in contact on twitter or Facebook! 

Those are a couple of our highlights from meeting Mary Jane so make sure to follow her on twitter, Facebook and take a look at her site

And check out the City Business Library, where the seminar took place, for other helpful business oriented events! 

Do you have any tips or advice on networking? Let us know by talking to us on Twitter

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