WORK HARD. PLAY HARD: Chloe Metzger.

These are a few interview style questions that we put to Chloe about her battle with work life balance as she slogs it about in the city blogging about all things literary,  feminist and mental health.

Start-up projects and entrepreneurship are a big talking point right now with a move away from faceless corporate jobs towards the dream of ‘making your stamp on your industry’. But what is it really like for a young adult trying to make their way in an ever-condensing market of bloggers and influencers? Read Chloe’s answers to find out.


What is your role now and what are the main responsibilities for you?

I’m a blogger. I run my own blog which means being doing all the content, design and promotion.

How long have you been doing this for and what did you do before?

I started my first blog 7 years ago to do book reviews, my latest blog has been running for 4 years. Day to day I work in Marketing.

Can you think of any key challenges you had to overcome and how did you battle them to get to where you are?

Blogging and working full time is a definite challenge, it means I have to be organised. I have a planner, calendar and my phone to try and track everything. Also coming up with constant content can be really hard.

What is the dream, or where would you like to see yourself in five or ten years?

The dream would be to write for a living, I’m currently working in Marketing which I really enjoy, but I’d love to live off of my writing at some point.

How do you find balancing lifestyle and downtime with your job?

It can be difficult, I usually go to work, come home, eat and then work on the blog and new ideas until I go to bed. 

If you could give one piece of advice to a young spark looking to start their business, what would that be?

Take the chance and know it doesn’t happen overnight.

What has been your favourite event you have attended this month? If not month, this year?

It’s only January of a new year BUT my favourite event of 2016 was the Star Wars Identities Exhibition back in December. It was amazing to see.

And finally, what do you think is the best part about being an upcoming, self-employed business owner right now?

The best part is that there is so much possibility, particularly with digital!

Thank you so much for talking to us and telling us about your experiences! We’ll definitely be keeping up with the blog in the office. 

Make sure to check out Chloe’s blog if you’re interested in books or discussions about mental health and feminism. Also don’t forget to to follower her on twitter and instagram. 

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