Recap: The Self Development Event of the Year

Today’s blog is all about mindfulness and creating the best version of yourself  possible! Earlier this month we were the official app for The Self Development event of the Year, hosted by Warren Ryan and the A&M Events team. It was a fantastic day filled with lots of motivational speakers and masses of audience participation. So here’s our quick recap from the day along with a few of our photos.


Warren Ryan

As with any event where Warren participates the self proclaimed ‘mind mechanic’ filled every session, be it acting as MC or his own talk, with NON STOP ENERGY! Warren’s talk focused on how he challenged his own personal struggles and how he changed his life from being a ‘victim to victor.’ Warren’s talks always have the audience welling up and his workshops taking audience members and helping them overcome their own anxiety around public speaking are always fascinating to watch and see how quickly people can become far more confident!


Juvan Langford

Another Highlight was hearing Juvan speak about his own personal story from childhood to athlete, to model and now a Men’s empowerment Coach. Through highlighting his own struggle through adolescence and playing college football, Juvan showed that there are ‘lot more for nows, before you get to a forever.’ That quiet confidence, mindfulness and hard work are the true keys to success.

Avnish & Anita Goyal

The Goyal’s talk deserves an honourable mention, because while it had many of the tropes of previous talks, focusing on the struggle of Avnish’s youth and determination for success. It had a secondary element in their creation of the ‘ultimate you’. It had the elements you should want in your ultimate partner. In creating a list of the important factors in picking your partner, they showed it to be a double edged sword. In saying that you want these thing in a significant other, you’re implicitly giving yourself a level of self respect, that I deserve these things. This different viewpoint in showing the importance for a healthy self esteem was interesting and definitely some food for thought delivered in a different way.

Well there’s some highlights from our day at the Self Development event of the Year, we had a great time and left with a lot of fantastic advice! Why not check out the video from the day and get a true feel for the fearless speaking academy’s non stop energy! 

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