Our top Secret Santa gifts for under £25

Coming in at a close second to the work Christmas party, Secret Santa probably brings the most anxiety to everyone during the festive season. What do you get people? Should it be funny? Or personal? Or both? How do I do that in £25 or preferably less? Have no fear! The yada team are here to elevate that stress and hopefully prod you in the right direction so you give the perfect Secret Santa gift this Christmas.

The ‘Nerdy’ one
Why not start with a hard one? Every office has the resident ‘boff’, but what do you get the techie that has everything? Or anything that they don’t have has a price so high it should be in a galaxy far far away. Fear not! We’ve found something so geek chic, next time you’re struggling with a computer issue it’ll be sorted in seconds. How does R2-DECAF sound?


These gorgeous ceramic mugs from P&CO are the perfect mix of the cult nerd classics of Star Wars and everyone’s favourite work place commodity, Coffee. Each with a different character on one side and a different famous line on the other (with a caffeine pun injection of course). They make the perfect gift for every workplace secret Jedi and for only £12 either buy them a matching pair or one for yourself! Find them here.

The ‘Organised’ one

Do you have that one colleague for whom new stationary is a drug? They’re always jonesing for the next notepad or organiser? We all do, and if you don’t it’s you! But if your secret Santa is a jotter junkie do we have some ideas for you. How does a set of three Christmas charm pens, each embellished with a Swarovski crystal sound? And yes…. it is actually under £25!


The team over at ICE London have on offer this set of three pens for a staggering £14.95! So why not throw in a red A5 notebook for £4.96 as well and give your datebook dealer the perfect festive but functional set this year and well under budget. Take a look at them here.

The ‘Design’ one

Dresses in all black? Check. Always a MacBook, never a PC? Check. Openly describes something as Bauhaus or Art Deco with conviction? Check. You have someone design conscious to buy for, another toughie. This is a mine field of potential faux pas. You have to find something beautiful and not break the bank.

Here’s our two cents, look for anything from Pantone. You might not have heard of them, but they definitely will have. The company is based around flat design and colour swatching for designers to create palettes for their work. But they have become more of a symbol for the design conscious to show their knowledge. So, the company now creates many accessories to display their favourite shades and famously their colour of the year. You can get anything from cups to baubles, but here’s our favourite.


The Pantone Coffee maker comes in a selection of 5 shades, and mixes not only the brand and its famous flat design but also brings in the classic styling of a traditional coffee maker. For your design conscious friend, it’s more form than function and will look gorgeous in their kitchen, even if they never use it. You’ll gain points for brand awareness and make your bank account happy at only £16! Another tip, avoid buying from Pantone themselves, head to amazon and save a few pounds! Find it here.

The ‘Homey’ one

All offices have the one desk that stands out above and beyond. The desk filled with small trinkets and pieces that make it one of a kind. The people who make work their home away from home. So why not add to their passion with a gift to take their desk to the next level.


Bombay Duck London (Yes you did read that right) have a selection of small ‘Cast word’ signs finished in a brass styling, you can pick from ‘cheers’, ‘love’ or ‘hello’. Having one of these artful placed at the front of any desk or shelf will make your resident nester gleeful with their individuality on display. Or they’ll take it home and it can be pride of place in the living room. Either way you’re both happy! And at £14.95 it’s the perfect price point. Take a look at them here.

The ‘Classy’ one

Is someone in the office more Ritz hotel than Ritz biscuit? More Mulberry than Gooseberry? Don’t worry, your purse strings need not shiver at the thought! We’ve saved the best till last. Here’s something designer, unique, hand painted, and festive. So, you can make their Christmas tree the envy of the neighbourhood.


Why not get your luxurious friend a Tom Martin London hand painted bauble? There are four designs to choose from this season with a woodland Stag or London and New York scenes. Get your Secret Santa a gorgeous gift that no one else will have for only £20! Also, if you’re in London between December 1st and 14th you can see them in store! At Signet Contemporary Art, 378 Kings Road, Chelsea. Browse them at your leisure here.

Those are Secret Santa suggestions for £25 or less to cover all your types of friends at work. That’s one less thing to worry about, but you’re on your own for the Christmas party.

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