YADA’s top 3 Spitalfields coffee hangouts

We here at yada are always partial to great cups of coffee. They go hand in hand with the hectic startup life or are interchanged with cups of tea for those more mellow moments. So with yada HQ being nestled in the heart of Spitalfields we’ve decided to compile our top three local coffee hangouts for when you’re in need of some hipster coldbrew, a magnificent mocha or the perfect location for casual business meetings that fill all of the aesthetic goals of silicon roundabout. Our recommendations will help keep both your breaks and meetings as they should be, in caffeinated bliss.

Nude Espresso

It’s hard to miss the award winning team (Independent cafe of the year 2010 & 2013) at Nude Espresso while wandering around Spitalfields or Shoreditch in general. Expanding all over the East end of London they have two shops facing each other just off Brick lane and one within the Spitalfields market. They all boast a meticulous attention to detail which comes with the artisan styling of their roasterie, with each latte being adorned with passionately poured latte art. Each store has a palpable adoration of all things coffee and their staff are always enthusiastic and willing to explain the nuances between a cortado and macchiato to the uninitiated.

Popping in to their Hanbury street shop (just off Brick Lane) gives the chance not only to consume their coffee concoctions but also a full brunch menu packed with world wide favourites, be it smashed avocado and toast or the classic bacon roll. However, these delectable dishes can only be found at the Hanbury store. But if you’re dying for a quick bite, the ten minute walk from the Spitalfields market store is a worthy journey for a great business brunch.

Website: www.nudeespresso.com

Twitter: @NudeEspresso 

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Perched on the corner of Spitalfields market is the wonderfully named Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. If their name alone isn’t enough to grab your attention in the modern epoch of every street having shop that rhymes with bosta or fret a manger. Their coffee with a conscious will. Not only do they supply lovely cups of joe, but the second half of their name doesn’t only link to their brilliant customer service. The brand heavily supports charities such as Pump-Aid and The Afri-CAN Charity (more can be found on their website at departmentofcoffee.com/social-affairs/). So in one fell swoop you can not only feed your caffeine addiction but support great causes.

Inside the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs there is ample room downstairs or outside to sit with team members of potential clients and a small array of pastries and cakes to fill up with (we recommend their brownies, a revolutionary experience.). So if both great causes and great food are close to your heart, we recommend the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs as your next break’s coffee hangout.

Website: departmentofcoffee.com

Twitter: @DeptOfCoffee


A slightly different choice, but hear us out. It may seem on the outside that this cafe has a clearly designated target audience, cyclists. It does, the space is shared in a minimalist styling between both a cafe and the brand Rapha’s luxury cycling accessories, with everything from hats to lycra and a place to hang your bicycle up when you enter the store. But it does one crucial thing, make phenomenal coffee and Spitalfield’s regulars have clearly noticed. Both outside and inside the tables are always filled with businessmen and families alike, only occasionally will you see a lycra clad patron sipping at their cappuccino. One word of warning, there are only three tables inside, but many more outside. Not ideal for those fast approaching winter months or a perfect opportunity to warm up with a hot chocolate.

So if you are looking for a new spot to take a break or even a new sport to take up, Rapha’s shop and cafe is located conveniently in Spitalfields market and always worth a pitstop.

Website: www.rapha.cc

Twitter: @Rapha

That’s our favourite three coffee spots in Spitalfields, whether they’re for work or play. Think there’s any we missed? We’d always love a new place to get our coffee fix! Why not tweet us (@yada_events ) and let us know!

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