How to party like an Influencer: Harambe Live!


It is no secret that Vincent Dignan is making waves in the Social Media Marketing, viral content and copy arena. His latest brain-child was an event for copy writers and start-up marketers held in the heart of Moorgate. This event aimed to teach attendees how to make their social media broadcasts go viral and capitalise on the power of internet fame and influence. What better campaign to get this message across than Harambe, the ape who broke the internet. With giant inflatable bananas, a coffin and a flavored shot to drink on arrival with the welcome: “have a shot for Harambe, because he had one for us”, we knew it was going to be an unforgettable evening.

As this event was aimed at start-ups and entrepreneurs seeking the elder scrolls of social media mastery, Vincent invited a seasoned mobile entrepreneur, Dan Meredith, to open the show. Dan’s presentation was striking and his central message could not be missed: It is not about your product; it is about your story. The key to social success for a small brand is to create a big noise about your company through regular and consistent posting and blogging. Dan recommends daily LiveStreaming, blogging and posting with interesting graphics and images that will actually capture your audience’s attention. The visual side of copy writing is essential to get your brand seen. First you need to devise your personal business voice. Then you must stick to that voice and talk a lot so that people not only see you pretty much everywhere online, but they also start to expect and engage with your content.  Great content, spread all over, that is the vital takeaway from Dan’s speech.

This was a reoccurring theme throughout the event. After Dan finished his talk, Vincent returned to his position on the stage and called for a break where attendees could get another drink from the flowing taps of Moorgate’s WeWork venue. During this break lots was happening – never a dull moment with Vincent Dignan. There was a big birthday shout out with a cake and candles on the stage which initially grabbed the attendee’s attention. Then, when people returned to the important task of re-filling their drinks, the Secret Sauce team brought a huge coffin on stage with a gorilla suited man inside. They had mourners leaving flowers by this mock-grave tribute before the gorilla suit began to rise from the plush interior. “Harambe is not dead!” was heard throughout the room. This was enough to get people to return to their seats and raise a glass in his honour. He lives on in our memes and has become a huge emblem for viral social success and media noise.

Harambe Live was unlike any other conference or social media conference. It was themed, hilariously on trend and most definitely on point. As Vincent has been saying on his Traffic and Copy Facebook group, the event was not one to be missed. We had a fun, incredibly boozy and interesting night where we were made to analyse how we use social media to promote and market our start-up company.

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