Our Top 5 Halloween Party Picks


Planning a spook-tastic party for All Hallows’ Eve? The festive week is nearly upon us! Are you all out of insipid inspiration? Well, look no further…

We have just the Hocus Pocus spells that you need to make sure your party goes out with a bang.

Number One: Raspberry Cream Conganc Jello Brain.

This is a stunning center piece for your table and tastes good too! You can add much or as little alcohol as you please, depending on how devilishly drunk you want your party goers to be. Check out all the recipes on the site because they are pure genius.



Number Two: Skinny Pumpkin Pie Smoothie.

It’s delicious and nutritious and keeps you going. If your party is during the day (or you just want to show off to your work mates that you can still be healthy and festive on this Monday Morning Halloween) then this yummy concoction is for you. It is a great breakfast treat for the autumn season.



Number Three: Bloody, Oozing Cupcakes and Glass Shards.

We experimented with these cupcakes last year for Halloween (because we are #KeenforWeen) and they brought the house down… or at least the windows. The great effect is made by baking hidden raspberries in the vanilla cupcakes and then topping the cakes with white buttercream and red food colouring or you could even try some grenadine to add the bloody detail. The glass is made by boiling up sugar and water into a thick syrup and pouring it out onto a baking sheet or lined tray. Once cooled just break up the sheet of caramel into perfectly sized decorative glass shards (they taste better than the windows for sure). We found an inspiration recipe here and the Monster Strawberry Cupcakes are brilliant!




Number Three:  Candy Corn Popcorn Balls.

We may not live in the land of candy and bright food colouring, but if you do get the chance to get your hands-on candy corn this is a great way to use it. Popcorn balls are easy snack food for your Halloween party and you can alter the ingredients to chocolate chips or even add some Christmas spices and orange zest instead of the sweets to make this a reoccurring festive treat!



Number Four: Super Easy Chocolate Ghosties

These are essentially chocolate brownie squares with marshmallows on top, covered in a dribble of white chocolate and with ghost faces piped on in thin black icing. Very simple. Incredibly effective. If you need a quite fix for your finger food table, these are sure to make your guests go ‘Oooooooooo!’.



Number Five: DIY Glowing Eyes in the Trees!

These are the only non-foodie delight we have chosen but they are genius! Just save up your loo rolls and cut out eye shaped holes (the more unique and fierce the better). Tape a glow stick inside and place these tubes in the bushes and trees of your garden so that passersby can see all the effort you’ve gone to. These would be effective in dark corners of rooms and corridors/bathrooms before the lights are switched on. The best effect is produced by creating a mass of eyes glaring out from the depths!



For more treats, tips and tricks just follow our Pinterest boards! We have a special one all for Halloween party ideas and much, much more! Get in touch if you have a Halloween party coming up and want to bring all your guests together with mobile event tech… We have just the thing for you! (Tweet Us!)

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