3 BIG things we learnt at the KPI Brand Accelerator Event



Key Person of Influence was an accelerator conference style event powered by Dent and hosted in Barbican. Team yada attended to soak up the knowledge and experiences from experts in the field of start-ups, branding and marketing. We were not disappointed. Read on for our three main takeaways, so even if you didn’t get the opportunity to attend the event, you can still hear a bit about what we were getting our noses into and hopefully be inspired to join the next one!


NUMBER ONE: Daniel Priestley and his MANY powerful sayings.

The introductory speaker was Daniel (@DanielPriestley) and he is a big name in the industry. Not heard enough about him? Go and look him up right now (we can wait here for you…).We cannot get over how inspirational and useful his words were. The concise introductions for each new section of the speaker event made the attendee experience well-rounded. Daniel got us all thinking about what we can do to improve our businesses. The way he did this was through a well-planned event structure that unpicked the key inhibitors of start-up development. Each time he approached a new problem in the industry, Daniel brought out a catchy phrase or saying such as: “always be pitching”, (talking about selling new books) “tile the floor with them”, “separate yourself from the market and become the market”. These little snippets were super eye opening and we recommend that you head over to Daniel’s twitter to follow what he is talking about right now for more tips!

NUMBER TWO: Living CAN be Giving!

One of the most poignant speeches given at this event was a presentation by Dali Schonfelder, a 16-year-old charity owner, fashion retailer and brand leader. Dali explained the concept and expansion of the clothing brand that she and her brother set up three years ago. It is called Nalu. It is incredible. We were speechless after the talk was concluded and couldn’t wait to get our hands on their products. This teenage girl img_8329spoke with such confidence and humility about an issue close to her heart and her experience. Nalu is a clothing company that aims to give retail consumers the opportunity to buy great quality, ethical and stylish clothing and accessories whilst raising funds to produce and distribute school uniforms to children in need. The problems surrounding education in less privileged communities stems from the difficulties that families have in buying school uniforms for their children. If the children can’t afford a uniform then they can no longer attend school and consequnetly miss out on some of the most crucial years of development. This then leads to a downward spiral of poverty that is often incredibly hard to break free from. Nalu aims to provide the essential missing piece of the education system in these countries. Uniform seems to be a negligible part of schooling for consumers in 1st world countries, and yet for the children in Nalu’s sphere of outreach, uniforms are the primary necessity. Have a look at their range now. 5 products ordered from the shop translates into 1 whole school uniform for a child to receive the education they need and deserve.  Find the online shop here: nalu.me



NUMBER THREE: Linzi Boyd’s Fame Game Rules!

After the post lunch lull, the event was perked up by Linzi Boyd’s (@brand_famous) vibrant energy as she swept on stage. This was the part that was all about branding and pushing your company into the public view with social media. The aim of the game: make your brand go viral. The rules include keeping up appearances on your social media pages img_8349(YES, all of them!), and using talent to promote yourself to followers and groups. Linzi mentioned the usefulness of getting in touch with influencers and how small companies can really start to make a splash online if they put enough determination and force into their media relations. She mainly focused on the rule: You need to LIVE YOUR BRAND. It is not just about posting every day on your company profile. It is all about you as a person and how you reflect your company. This can be applied to: online pages, community discussions, face-to-face, media and press connections, appearances on stage or in the press (local or global), and awards. The latter are definitely angled towards the later stages of your company fame game. However, all of these elements are worth thinking of as you plan your attack on your industry and start to implement marketing strategies.


The Key Person of Influence event was great fun and an intense start-up work-out! We have so many notes and made lots of friends at the pitching games and on twitter. That is another one of our event takeaways! (bonus content right here): You have to get involved as an attendee and make sure you are tweeting along, sharing photos and connecting with the whole event community. Time for an unplanned tangent because this is exactly what yada Events app is perfect for! It includes social interaction on the live event page feeds and direct messaging for anyone in the app. If you are planning a speaker event like KPI then you need to see how yada can be your next step up in enhanced attendee engagement.

Get the yada Events app on the App Store or Google Play and follow us

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