Why YADA Events app is perfect for your next guest speaker event


Recently the team at yada Events app have been attending lots of live events as we expand our social reach and get the brand notcied. We have set up stalls at start-up shows and even partnered up with student festival organisers in Glasgow and Leeds in order to come face-to-face with our new-student yada users. By attending these sorts of events I can truly see in action how brilliant our app is for bringing people together, attendees and organisers, while creating social content and future connections. One type of live meeting that needs updating and is just screaming out for yada is the guest speaker community event. With yada Events app, attendees at these kinds of meet-ups can connect with each other, share news, comments, photos and more, and they can contact each other in a community based around the event before, during, and after it happens.

My Experience of Working with yada at Expand London 2016.

I have been interning for yada over the summer and have very recently taken up the oppourtunity to become a full-time member of the team as the new Sales and Marketing Manager. During my internship, I was invited along to an array of events that the team attended in order to gain experience of the market place and industry leaders. On Thursday 1st September we exhibited at Expand London, hosted by Jobbio. This kind of event included a variety of big name tech companies and small brands combined with informative speakers that are key to the industry right now. I did managed to sneak away from the stand every now and then to listen to the talks given by recruiters and business people from brands such as Shazam, Busuu and Vincent Dignan.

As I entered the underground vault-rooms of the venue (Pulse nightclub, Blackfriars) I was impressed by the bare brickwork and sloping ceilings of rooms that housed exhibitor tables and the stages where speakers would present later on. The actual venue was atmospheric and it gave a great feel to the exhibitor stands from each company. It was really fun to take photos in this space with the long mirrors and moody lighting. Jobbio set up big screens showing the logos of all the companies that were exhibiting or presenting. There was another screen behind the bar (a hub of activity, naturally) that had a slideshow of images. This was a brilliant multi-media feature, however, the images shown on the screen were quite random, I think they were past events or group photos of companies. What would have been much better is if the bar screen was showing a real time slideshow of photos taken at Expand London as it panned out. This is one of the stand out features on yada. We call it LiveView.

Why yada is a great photo sharing tool for live events.img_8073

The LiveView feature allows event organisers to present a 360° view of what the community are taking about and thus bringing all the attendee content together on one platform. This far exceeds the option of having a basic event hashtag. The photo feed is easy to scroll through and has no additional content from unnecessary participants (as happens on Twitter or Instagram). LiveView is a rolling show of all the live event feed that can then be projected onto screens around the venue. When we were partnered up with Good Life in Leeds for their Fools Paradise Festival, the interaction between the attendees taking photos and the screen where they appear mere seconds later was a great point of interest and generated conversation which is an invaluable addition to networking events.

yada Events app is the next big thing in live event experience. This software allows organisers and attendees to connect via mobile tech and screens all around the event as well as opening communication opportunities before, during and after the date. The photo and video sharing aspect is only a part of what yada can offer event managers. The app has map and location features, event information pages and the option to add links to webpages or set-list images so they are easy to find. We also provide direct messaging and status posting features which extends the reach and ease of networking communications. You can get in touch with anyone you meet at the event via their profile on the app and this solves the age old problem of lost business cards and hours spent searching Facebook profiles. Another great tool for event planners is that the page they create on the app for their event can be labeled as private or public and has options for moderation. This adds another level of security for groups who do not want their event information shared on social media. In this case, the content posted to the event page will only be seen by invited attendees on that page, it will not be pushed on general feeds or searches.

In short, if you are hosting, speaking at, or attending a live community meeting or speaker event then you need to incorporate yada Events app into your experience. It will enhance the social aspect of any event and makes event management and content curation ten times easier!


Do you have an event coming up and want to make it engaging for all involved?

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