Fresh Drinking Games for 2016…and some of the Golden Oldies

Fresh Drinking Games 2K16.pngThis month YADA Events app is the official app of the Glasgow Freshers’ Festival. We thought it was about time to rediscover some of the best and most important rules of freshers week… the drinking games rules! Learn these and never be lost for entertainment at a party, pre-drinks or night out at the SU!

The House Rules: These rules keep everyone in check and focused so that the games actually run smoothly. If your group are splitting off and chatting between themselves or shouting over each other, then the games will dwindle, and we can’t have that! It is up to the games master (social secretary) to implement the rules, and the drinking penalties!

These main drinking game laws include:

  • No one is allowed to say the word ‘drink’.
  • Real/personal names cannot be used (pseudonyms or character names must be used instead).
  • No swearing!
  • No pointing with your fingers or thumbs (use your elbows or other impliments and limbs instead).
  • All players must have their drink no less than one finger’s distance from the table edge at all times
  • An empty glass cannot be put down; it must be refilled.
  • Requests to leave the game circle/group must be made to the games master.

Violation of any one of the above rules is punishable by drinking a penalty.


Flip or Sip.

  • You flip a coin and call it (heads or tails) whilst it’s mid-air.
  • If you guess right, you pass the coin to the next player.
  • If you guess wrong, before passing the coin you must take a swig of your drink.
  • If you guess right 3 times in a row everyone else has to down their drinks. Pretty simple, quick, and fun!


Never Have I Ever!

This is really well known. I hardly need to explain all the rules because it is the same old friend masher game! You can spin a bottle, flip a coin, turn a card, or take turns around the group. Each player says something they have never done (“Never have I ever… been to Fabric.” for instance). These will most probably get funnier and more personal and raucous as the game progresses. If the others in the circle have done that thing (i.e. if they have been  on a night out in Fabric) then they drink. If no one drinks then the player who started the line must drink instead and then pass on to the next player, and so on.


Drinking Jenga

  • Get a Jenga tower.
  • Write a different rule on each block.
  • When you pull a block out, you have to do as it says.
  • If you knock the tower over you have to take the full drink penalty and finish your drink.


Ring of Fire.

Fan out a deck of cards around an empty pint glass in the middle, when it’s your turn pull out one card and follow the rules below:

Ace – Waterfall. Everyone drinks on after the other, you can’t stop until the person before you does.

2 – You. Choose someone to drink a 2-finger measure of their drink.

3 – Me. Drink a 3-finger measure of your drink.

4 – Thumb Master. Place your thumb on the table whenever you want, the last person to copy you has to drink.

5 – Guys. All guys take a drink.

6 – Chicks. All girls take a drink.

7 – Heaven. Point to heaven as soon as you see this card. The last person to do so drinks.

8 – Drink with a mate. Whoever you choose can’t stop drinking until you do.

9 – Start the rhyme. You say a word, the person to your left has to say a word that rhymes. Whoever can’t come up with a rhyming word has to drink.

10 – Categories (OR choose a category that is themed for the event like 80s). Similar to rhyme, you choose a category, for example “sex positions”. Go around the circle and say the first thing that comes to mind in that category. The first person to hesitate or fail must drink.

Jack – Rule. You can make a rule – any rule. Left hand drinking, for example. Anyone who forgets the rule or breaks it must drink, this can be at anytime in the game after the rule has been made.

Queen – Question Master. You can ask someone a question whenever you choose, if they answer they have to drink.

King – King cup. Add some of whatever you’re drinking to the cup in the middle, aka the shit mix.

The first person to break the circle of cards has to take a drink. Whoever pulls out the last King card has to down the mix in the middle.



This one requires the group to stand up in a circle with the games master standing in the middle. When the person in the middle of the circle points at one person in the circle line (shouting splat at them and pointing at them with hands clasped like a gun) that person has to duck down. The two people directly either side of the ducked person have to turn to each other, guns pointed and shouting splat! The slowest one is out and must sit down. If the middle ‘splatted’ player is too slow and gets in the midst of the fire they are out. If anyone else moves or calls out of turn, they are out. This game goes on until two people are left. They then have to go back-to-back and the games master counts (or says vegetable names etc) until they shout SPLAT! (or a fruit, breaking the sequence to make it slightly harder). The two have to take steps for each number and then turn and shoot when called to by the games master’s shout. The quickest is the winner. The slowest downs their drink and the game is over.


Roman Numerals

This is essentially 21 with roman numerals in the place of numbers. For instance, 1 is I, 2 is I I, 3 is I I I, 4 is I V (you get the picture). You say the numeral letter sequence that matches the number of your turn in the circle. If you get the wrong numeral value or hesitate then you drink (and/or you are out). If you land on 21 (X X I) then you also drink and the game starts again. Keep playing until you have a winner/have had enough!


Sexy Roman Numerals

SPICE IT UP ROMAN STYLE! This is a personal favourite!

Copy the rules for Roman Numerals but instead of I or V or X you swap with hilarious shouts. So I = ‘Oh Yes!’, V = ‘Give It To Me!’, and X = ‘I’m Nearly There!’. Anyone who is not enthusiastic enough also has to drink and restart the game. This one requires loud and brilliantly excited calls to really get the effect. If everyone gets involved it is a hilarious ice-breaker for larger groups and it sounds fantastic to the tipsy mind! You’re Welcome!


Fuzzy Duck

A bit like ZigZag if you’ve ever played this in drama class. Everyone sits in a circle and one person is chosen to start the game (I propose a game of Fuzzy Duck to my right/left… etc). They say ‘Fuzzy Duck’ and it goes around one way with everyone saying ‘Fuzzy Duck’ at any point a player can say ‘Does He?’. The game is then reverse and the shout becomes ‘Ducky Fuzz’. It is a wordy game so it is supposed to make people say the wrong thing! If a player fudges up their shout or says the wrong version of the shout or hesitates then they stop the game, have to drink a penalty, and then start the next round. Players must be loud and enthusiastic. Failure to get involved and keep the circle running, or irrelevant talking during the game must be punished by penalties dished out by the games master.

Fuzzy Duck.jpg

Are you planning a party and want to let everyone know the games and the rules beforehand? Make an event on yada Events app and invite everyone, you can post statuses on the page and photos during the night to get everyone involved before, during, and after your party!

Do you know any other rules? Got something to say about the top drinking games we chose? TWEET US NOW! We love hearing from you!



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