Meet the guys behind Fools Paradise, the next huge night in Leeds!


Leeds Union will be host to one of the most exciting nightlife events happening this term, Fools Paradise on 24th September. The start of a new academic term brings with it the opportunity to experience a brand new clubbing atmosphere with a multitude of arena rooms and a line up to suit the mystical forest theme. It will be a night to remember, unmissable, unquestionable: Fools Paradise.

“Outlandish themes, elaborate costumes and unique performers… The party where nothing is the same twice” – Good Life on Facebook

See the website Here.

Brought to you by Good Life and yada Events app, the Fools Paradise extravaganza offers an array of entertainment, music and multimedia experiences. I asked the Good Life team to tell us a bit more about how they got to this stage of creating a night like no other for the party scene of Leeds. Here is what they had to say…


Hello guys! How is it all going in Good Life HQ this month in prep for Fools Paradise 2016?


It’s non-stop at the moment working on every aspect of the festival to make sure it’s exactly how we planned it. At Good Life we’re all about the small details and making sure each time we put on an event its a unique experience. The production levels are going to be ridiculous for Fools Paradise!

What else have you been up to this summer?

We have been busy showcasing Good Life at a number of festivals. Most recently we were in Croatia at Soundwave festival where we hosted our boat party. After that we launched our newest concept ‘The Party Palace’ at Boardmasters down in Cornwall. It’s a completely different ball game programming a tent for a Festival and our production manager Isobel worked her socks off for it!

We’re hoping to bring that concept to several large-scale festivals next year so keep your eyes peeled!

What sort of team have you got behind the event this year?

As its our 2nd year and we know the space better we’re going in on a much stronger foot. We have a dedicated production team and several companies coming in to make sure the venue looks insane. The two of us have been overseeing all aspects but we have a huge promotional and online team underneath us that take some of the load off.
What is it about Fools Paradise that makes it so incredible and a must-attended event in Leeds?

Fools Paradise is unlike any other event in Leeds. Not only does the lineup boast an eclectic mix of artists from all genres including some of our own personal favourites but this years theme has so much potential. The idea of transforming a large venue into a multi roomed forest is something we have wanted to do for years and we’re finally able to put our ideas into practice. The years worth of work that has gone into this event means every aspect is covered, we can’t wait to show people what we’ve got planned!

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt from organising previous parties and events that will help you make this one even more of a success?

In the industry, every day you learn something new but its all about preparing early and making sure you trust your vision. The two of us share very similar ideas so it helps with decision making but we would say that its important to trust what you believe will create the best experience for the guest and then getting things in place early for that.

What is the cost and what can people expect to get for their buck?

The tickets average at £25 but trust us it is well worth it. The calibre of names on the lineup alongside the effort behind the production mean this party will be truly unique. It is similar to us putting on 5 normal Good Life events within one and we usually charge £15 for them so I’d say its great value!


What sort of numbers are you expecting for the big night?

We always aim high – The capacity is 5000 odd so we will want to be hitting that

Are there any hints you want to mention for people considering coming along to Fools Paradise?

Expect the unexpected – We’re hiding tricks and treats in every corner of the forest!

How easy is it to get to and around the Fools Paradise?

The venue caters to easy navigation as it is all self contained. We will be making sure our guests don’t get too lost in the jungle (unless they want to!)

And finally, what have you guys got lined up for the future, any predictions for life after the your trip down the rabbit hole..?
We’re keeping our lips sealed but we have some big plans! We are aiming to create a unique party adding in more interactive elements. That’s all we’ll say for now!
Thanks guys! We just can’t wait to get up to Leeds and make this a night for everyone to remember! It is going to be incredible so do not miss out. Find the event page on yada Events app.


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