Vloggers & YouTube Fans Summer Event in the City


Vloggers and YouTube addicts rejoice – because Summer in the City will now be your most eagerly anticipated event of each year. Created solely with you in mind, Summer in the City is a huge expo put on at East London’s ExCel centre for a whole weekend in the middle of August. It has everything to do with YouTube – from the stars to the tips, to the lifestyle – we had to check it out and let you know what we thought.

YouTube has exploded in recent years with more video being consumed online than ever before – by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Facebook has adopted a much more video-orientated approach, along with SnapChat and Instagram following close behind. But YouTube was the first, the original, and arguably still the best video sharing service on the internet, and it’s latest movement has been birthing online video stars (or YouTubers) that build huge followings and often earn more money than TV stars.

So there couldn’t come a better time to pay a visit to the YouTube Summer in the City expo, unfortunately such a hot sunny day we were plunged into the darkness of the ExCel building, but what we saw and learnt was worth it. Stalls, stages and activities filled the main area, with all sorts of things to keep the keen audience happy; we had to give the bouncy castle boxing a go, the air- football and hockey, and of course couldn’t leave without slipping into sumo suits for a quick battle. Other stands promoted various apps or services, there was a terrific sweet stall with all manor of sugary imported candy from the USA, and a couple TV celebs dotted around for autographs.

Being Creators Day (the Friday) meant the aim was to target young aspiring YouTube hopefuls with a view to make a splash in the online video stratosphere. Behind the main space, there were three large presentation rooms, which put on an array of panel talks throughout the day according to a schedule you are handed in your information pack, so you can pick and choose what you would like to attend and plan your day. We saw a variety of talks – some discussed the ever- growing involvement that companies have in wanting to get involved with vloggers to promote their brand, whilst others gave you a chance to see SnapChat stars up close and talking about their exciting lifestyles and how you could give it a go yourselves.

Although the Friday wasn’t a particularly busy day, the Saturday and Sunday the Saturday and Sunday would’ve been packed then and in the years to come; as the event welcomes YouTube addicts from all around the country to meet their vlogging idols. The venue was perfect and although they had a little difficulty filling the huge expanse of space, there is plenty of room for more fun and games to come, as the event is only likely to grow and grow in the coming years!


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