Power on through: the 5 best charging packs for festival Ccmping


Last year at Leeds Fest, we lost a member of our group when she had to leave the crowd to get some air (it was super-hot that day) and we couldn’t contact her by text. Our friend’s phone battery was completely flat and she hadn’t realised before we left us waiting for Mumford and Sons to come on stage. We had to leave our positions and go and find her. When we did finally reunite the group, our phone batteries were also low, we had lost our place in the crowd, and missed the start of the headline set. Not only did we fret that we would never find our friend, we also missed out on getting some awesome photos!

At lot of festivals one of the longest ques is the one for the phone charging lockers. What is also frustrating is when you miss a great opportunity to capture a band or a funny moment because your phone runs out of battery or it is sitting in the charging tent! These festival power tents are for emergencies, when your phone is dead and you finally give in and pay for it to be charged there. ALL of these issues can be AVOIDED if you plan ahead!

This year I got myself a very reasonably priced Apachcie Dual Charging Block (5000 mAh). Honestly, it has been excellent for any trips when I am away from home. Whenever I go to gigs, camping, festivals, country walks, or shopping days, I take my charging block with me. It gives me piece of mind and means I can use my phone freely, take as many photos as I like, and use my mobile data whenever I want because I can charge more than 100% of my Iphone 6 battery. I can charge on the go and never have to leave my phone in my tent or at a charging van when I need it for communication and photo taking (and trust me, I take a lot of photos!). What is great about this gadget is that it is easily rechargeable via a USB port and fits into my bag because it is a similar size to a smart phone. It is a little bulky for day trips if I have a small handbag, but it is so worth having the emergency charge. This charger is around £30 online and comes in blue, pink, green, red, black, or silver. It is worth every penny if you think about the lockers at festivals sometimes costing between £15 and £20. With one of these power packs you can capture every moment and use your tech freely even when out in the sticks!

There are other models out there too that are even easier to buy on amazon. If you are looking for a more powerful charger, the Anker PowerCore is 20,100mAh which charges much faster. This one is also about £30 and has Prime options for super-fast delivery if you’re off to a festival this week (gotta love a bit of Prime!). These chargers come with power cable, travel pouch and 18 month warranty.


If you are not so worried about getting the most powerful or fastest charger, and you just want a portable battery boost then there is the PowerBank 2600 mAh which is mini-torch-sized and comes on a key ring! These come in options of USB rechargeable PowerBanks or the alternative option of one powered by an AA battery (great for if you are unable to access a computer or power source). These mini charger tubes are only £5 on amazon! They are perfect for topping up your battery when you are out and about but probably not great for long weekends away. They only charge between 50%-80% from flat. They do look nifty though and come in lots of colours: black, blue, green, yellow, pink, and white. The only thing I would warn against is that these smaller, cheaper chargers can get really hot! There are stories
about people using them and then popping the charger in their bag and the heat they generate can burn through paper or plastic inside! So, be super Fireman Sam with these!


Anker do a mini version too which is £12 (a little more expensive but better quality than the PowerBank) and is the shape and size of a lipstick tube. This piece of kit is called the Anker Astro Mini and can do at least one full charge for most phones (about 3-4 hours minimum apparently) with 3,350 mAh. These options come in lots of colours too such as: gold, black, blue, silver, and pink. Like the PowerCore, they come with a cable, pouch, and warranty so I think it is worth the extra £7!


The last option I want to mention is the Monster PowerCard at £24. This is a thin charger that fits into a purse, wallet, or pocket and apparently is fast and high power. Monster say the PowerCard gives a full charge for your phone and it comes in five colours on amazon including: sliver, slate black, and cherry red. However, the online reviews tell a different story about this charger! They complain about the PowerCard getting really hot, so you can’t charge it when it is in your pocket! Many reviews claim they can only get around 20%-50% charge even though many seller descriptions advertise 5+hours of battery which is more that the Anker Astro Mini. If you keep your phone on flight mode, it may get up to 50% charge, but even this is not ideal when you are out and about and want to use the camera and mobile data.

Safe to say I won’t be ordering a PowerCard anytime soon. The Apachie and Anker options are high quality and do what you want them to do at a low-cost compared to most portable charging tech which can cost over £100! What you need when camping, or out in the muddy fields of UK festivals, is an inexpensive emergency power supply and the Apachie and Anker PowerCore are ideal for your festival tech needs because they are reliable and charge multiple devices to full battery. When phones are the number one must-have at a festival these days, running out of battery is a mini-nightmare. So this year you can plan ahead. Pack your back-up power docs and enjoy the freedom of snapping away and sharing your moments all through the festival!


Do you have a favorite charger/festival tech hack that you want you share with us?

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