Feel the festival vibes at a Holi Colour Event


We got into the Festival spirit at the Holi Festival of Colours, Wembley Park. The venue layout felt just like a music festival stage area; with long bars either side of the main paint party area, food stalls at the back, as well as some rides. The waltzer in particular was the fastest spin we have ever experienced! This year’s theme was ‘feel the jungle’ although not many people participated in this aspect, the mesmerising bottom-wiggling dancer girls on stage did; who were dressed in small high crotch animal print costumes. The music of the day consisted of different Dj sets, which was fitting for the upbeat nature of the paint engagement, as it really got the crowd going. It was a thrill to be in the thick of it. Everyone was having the time of their lives, feeling the beats and getting messy and colourful with powder paint. Fortunately, the sun was out also enjoying the party, which made the vibes of the day even better.

The Holi festival is a traditional Hindu celebration around March time to mark the start of spring. The exciting and shared experience of throwing around different coloured water and power paint, has influenced a surge of popular mainstream versions, on the cultures custom. Indeed, the particular Holi Colour Festival event we experienced in mid-August felt like it had no authentic background on the tradition of Holi, but was instead an awesome idea for an engaging event to have fun with paint, drink and dance to epic party tunes and overall have a laugh with mates.

The only annoyance was the means of payment for drinks, food and rides on the day. You had to have your money on a Holi Colour card that was the only way for paying for things. This also meant that if you ran out of money on that given card, you would have to queue again to add further money. This took time, particularly if you arrived later in the day you would have to wait in a longer queue. Despite this singular dissatisfaction, the rest of the event was exceptional and we left on a positive high for days after.

A Holi Colour event makes for a truly fun and cheerful experience, whether it be with a group of mates, or, just yourself. You will be uplifted by the happiness of the crowds that surround you. Definitely an event type to try for yourself, oh, and wearing white is a must of course, just don’t spend a great deal on clothes. Getting covered in paint is guaranteed!

|| watch the yadventure video  ||


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