Frontrends: Meetings for Web Devs Local to Warwickshire.

Frontrends are a new meeting group that organise events to bring together local frontend developers and offer speakers the opportunity to talk to an industry specific audience. To find out more about upcoming events visit page of 2nd meeting. yada Events app

Last Tuesday night the Propeller offices in Rugby, Warwickshire ( hosted the second Frontrends meeting for like-minded website designers, developers, and coders. Due to the success of the first meeting last month, Frontrends were able to arrange their bigger and better August meet and look to plan many more for the future.

The organisers invite speakers to give brief talks to a group of fellow developers on subjects including frontend day-to-day life, hints for improving technique, and new movements in coding and design mechanisms. They put on a good spread too, with plenty of pizza and drinks to go around. And the best part is that this local meet-up is free to attend!

Abi, from yada Events app, went along to see how the guys were doing (and to offer a big bowl of blue yada sweets for the office!). Here she talks about what these meetings have to offer local web devs and why you should keep an eye out for Frontrends!

“Thursday was a great opportunity for me to find out more about the ins-and-outs of web development from the experts. These guys work with coding and web development every day and clearly know what they are talking about! The
team are really friendly (looking smart in there Frontrends t-shirts and stickers!) and welcome anyone interested in coming along to listen to the talks and get involved in the discussion. Their set up is very professional and still appPosts in the page. yada Events approachable with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and talk directly with the brilliant speakers.”

During the meeting Abi and some of the Frontrends team were capturing shots of the event to share on social media and on the event pages. Frontrends have an informative event page on yada Events app as well as pages for each meeting. The photos and status updates, including important information for the upcoming events, can be found on the app by searching for Frontrends and Frontrends August 9th Meeting. Even if you can’t make a meeting you can still see what is going on and find out some of the most important details and updates through the mobile app. As the group expands and gets more popular these pages can be projected via LiveView at the beginning and end of the meetings to show members what is coming up next and where they need to be for the best local industry meetings!

The first talk on Tuesday was titled ‘Enduring CSS’ and presented by Ben Frain (Find him on Twitter: @benfrain From a background in large scale web development, with companies such as BET 365, Ben had a lot to say about using code bases that make a project easier to manage and maintain. In a time when website requirements are becoming increasingly demanding with constant live updating and changes that need to be instantaneous and high spec, web devs need to find new solutions for internet-age problems.

“Web Developers solve problems, it’s kind of what we do!” – Ben, during the Q&A session.

His presentation touched on the issues surrounding large projects and multiple devs using individual styles and systems. He went through the pros and cons of writing cade using OOCSS, SMACSS, and BEM. Ben offered Enduring CSS (ECSS) as an alternative to look into when coding large, multifaceted, and constantly changing websites.

Sweets and Stickers

“Even though I personally have a very limited knowledge of CSS (being an events intern and not a website guru) Ben’s talk was incredibly accessible. I gained an understand of the way web developers have to build, nest, specify, and maintain sheets of code and how this translates into the websites we all use intuitively. His presentation was very visual in explaining his ideas (which certainly helped me and made the message much clearer). Ben gave lots of take-away knowledge and tips for his audience and that showed in the engagement.”

Ben’s notes are accessible for the members of Frontrends and his advice was clearly very sought after by the attendees! His book on Enduring CSS is available online.

Up next was Luke Roberts from Adaptable in Birmingham (Twitter page: @L337LUKE He focused on daily tasks and techniques that can beBetween the seats. 2nd meeting used by web devs to make their projects easier and more efficient. Whilst sharing his hints and hacks, Luke picked up on a lot of everyday issues and how to overcome them, offering an insider view of the problems that developers need to tackle often. These included issues such as mobile site delays and how to prevent a 300ms delay on mobile tap clicks, creating an easy flow for websites that need to change size in order to fit multiple screen sizes, and how to size images to avoid pixilation or loss of detail. Luke talked about current concerns and gave useful resolutions that are helpful for anyone in the industry. His tips were from the field of web problem solving and kept closely to the subject in hand which made it accessible and useful for his listeners.

“It was awesome to see Luke use engaging GIFs in his presentation, I loved how personal and approachable his talk was and these slides were really interesting as well as being information heavy. It certainly opened my eyes to the aspects of development that we often take for granted! I can imagine how great talks like these are if you are a web developer or designer and need advice or want to try out a new style of coding for your current/future projects.”

With help from sponsor funding, the team at Frontrends have grouped together to bring about two brilliant events. We look forward to hearing more from them about future meetings. Sponsors of Frontrends are Propeller and Kirby.

If you would like to get involved and present a talk to the group then contact Frontrends at:


Are you interested in attending the next meeting?

Have an event management question?

Talk to us on on Twitter


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Find the Frontrends event pages on the yada app on the App Store or Google Play and follow us






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