A new week, let’s start it right!


Monday comes around again and you’re back in the office, we all know how hard it can be to keep on track with a healthy lifestyle when you have a long week ahead of you! Here at the yada Events office, we like to think of fun and easy ways to stay happy and healthy especially during our 9-5s.

These 3 tips give you the easiest swaps and tricks to get back into the saddle this week!


Stay Hydrated – Drinking plenty of water is great for body and mind, and can be a fun goal every day!

There are lots of cool water infusion bottles you can get these days that add a little colour and flavour to boring ol’ glasses water.  Vitamin water is a great start to the day and super easy! Just slice up some orange, lemon, cucumber or berries and add them to your bottle the night before or in the morning so your water to chock full of great water soluble vits. It tastes yummy too and you can have any flavour you love.

A great way to make sure you are drinking enough throughout the day is to grab a large bottle and draw some notches on it for the hours of the day. Set yourself goals to have, for example, 500ml before your morning break, 1L before lunch and so on. Just make sure you’re drinking a good 2-4 litres depending on your size, exercise rate, and the heat of the day.



Take something in with you to work.

Whether it is an apple, a lunchbox snack, or a homemade ‘clean-eating’ energy bite, it always helps to know that you have something with you if you get peckish. This helps you to steer away from fast food stops on the commute or digging into the box of chocolates someone brought in for their office birthday treat. Taking a snack, or a prepared lunch meal, will save you money on expensive snack packs and it will make it easier to control your daily nibbles. You’ll feel more on top of things and won’t need to starve or binge!

For a great bit of starting inspiration, head over to Laura Fuentes’ blog:  http://www.laurafuentes.com/easy-healthy-office-lunch-ideas/

She has some brilliant ideas for healthy lunches that are not super expensive nor do they take hours and hours to prepare. Banish the negative preconceptions around packed meals and revitalise your lunch box!



Take the stairs!

This is a conventional one, I know, but it works! Set yourself the goal to ditch the lifts or escalators at your tube stop. Why not park your car in the further away, less busy spots and walk that extra distance? By meeting these little daily goals, you will feel better about yourself, and quite often it is quicker to walk and miss out all the traffic. When you’ve been doing these little healthy swaps for a week or two you’ll soon notice it getting easier and you’ll feel better by the time you get into the office, your blood pumping and raring to tackle the day!


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