London’s Wondergound: Home of the weird, the wacky and the wild


If you haven’t visited London’s Wonderground yet, go! Tucked away along the Southbank is a hub of vibrant activity, accompanied by a brilliant cultural mix of Londoners and tourists alike. Opening everyone’s eyes to new experiences, give your mind the chance to absorb a little bit of the fantasy that resides just a stones throw from the London Eye.

With small glimmers of inspiration from the old-fashioned circus, London’s Wonderground is an enclosed playground of oddities, eccentricities and curiosities for the whole family to enjoy, with weekday evenings become an adult-only affair. Delicious food, and abundance of bars serving good-quality beverages are available to you, making it all too easy to get lost in the atmosphere of it all. Most evenings and weekends are busy which is a good thing, because I can only imagine the magic being lost a little be it smaller crowd, but nonetheless the attractions and amusements would remain the same.

Barbu (French for bearded) was the event of the evening – they’ve had a busy schedule of performances most nights from mid-June right the way through to the end of September. The Montreal based circus company was formed in 2005 consisting of; four very talented bearded acrobats that lead the show, a couple of female contortionists and a kooky magician. All of which were accompanied by three live musicians.

The performance, was spectacular. Starting off a little slow with roller skates, the show soon built to expertly-skilled levels, with the hairy foursome accomplishing magnificent feats, on what is a relatively small circular stage (meaning you are right up close to the action). The music is eerie, fun and peculiar and a glance to the back of the stage is necessary to keep reminding yourself that it is all performed live, which only adds to the spectacle. Very funny in parts, contemporary, sexy (but all in good taste), Barbu is a real wonder for the eyes and ears. A small interactive part  near the end could have been improved by being a little more rewarding but not to take anything away from the troupe, I would say this show is a must for spending your evening with an experience most certainly out of the ordinary, and best to be quick while they’re still in town!

|| watch the yadventure video  ||


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