Made in Scotland: Bands to keep an eye out for this Autumn

At the beginning of July, I went along to an unforgettable weekend at 2000 Trees Festival in Cheltenham and from this event found lots of new bands to listen to and follow. I started my new internship at YADA Events app the very same week.  Now I am working with the team to build hype for our next event in George Square, Glasgow! Without even expecting it, these two experiences have collided. At the festival there were some incredible artists that I know and listen to daily and quite a few of these are from the Scottish music industry. My two favorites from 2000 Trees are both bands local to Glasgow and I can’t wait to get there for the Freshers Festival 21st-22nd September and see what the city has to offer!

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Using yada Events app to capture all the festival updates and photos in one place on my phone.

One of the headlining bands were Twin Atlantic, an Alternative Rock band with a brilliant Scottish sound, especially from the thick accent of lead vocalist, Sam McTrusty. I listened to a lot of their 2015 album, ‘Great Divide’, before attending 2000 Trees and liked their different edge. They have a new album coming out in early September called ‘GLA’ and I’ve been keeping an eye out for teaser videos and checking their Spotify page to hear as much of this new venture as possible. I recommend Twin Atlantic to lots of my friends who like listening to new rock bands and trying out music. Their song Brothers and Sisters is a big crowd pleaser and was incredible live. When this track started the whole place became electric! The band were awesome and the crowd at 2000 Trees had such a nice atmosphere. I can’t wait to see what the band brings out next and I recommend trying out their new album as it sounds like an interesting step in the Alternative genre direction.

Check out their website for more links and information:


The day after seeing Twin Atlantic we headed back to the Main Stage to hear a band that I hadn’t heard much of before the festival, The LaFontaines. Regardless of not having prior knowledge of the act, I loved their performance and now follow them closely on Spotify and youtube! They were awesome to watch. It was the last day of the 10th anniversary of 2000 Trees Festival and, of course, there were plenty of people in fancy dress! The theme for the festival-wide costume competition was ‘When I was 10, I wanted to grow up to be a…’ (catchy I know!). At the front of the crowd for The LaFontaines was a big grow of wacky tennis players in wacky costumes including rackets and balls! During the set the tennis team threw balls and a tennis racket onto the stage. Obviously up for a laugh, the lead vocalist/rap artist Kerr Okan got hold of the racket and began bouncing tennis balls around the stage and shooting them back into the crowd. I have some serious respect for any singer who can maintain his nerve, tune, and timing whilst engaging the audience with SO MUCH STYLE! Seriously, I take my festival cowboy hat off to him!

Distractions aside, the band gave a brilliant performance and I love their Sottish charm and iconic sound which combines Rap Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop with great flare. Their tracks Slow Elvis and Under the Storm are great! I love how moody and cool these songs sound and how brilliantly Scottish the band, who clearly include their culture in their lyrical inspiration, are in their new album ‘Class’.

Check the band out and have a listen for yourself:


The last band I’m going to recommend to anyone who hasn’t heard of them yet, and these guys are big, is Biffy Clyro. These guys were not at 2000 Trees this year, in fact I haven’t even had the chance to go and see them yet (but they are on the list I assure you). They have a new album out right now, ‘Ellipsis’, and it is definitely worth a listen! This album continues the band’s awesome Alternative Rock sound that incorporates Experimental Rock (an apparently their old stuff breaches the genre boundary of New Prog Math Rock… yep, exactly so). I love the tracks on these albums, such as Howl and Wolves of Winter, because they are great ‘swagger-worthy’ tunes. They make you feel cool as you walk down the street and that is definitely a trend in my New Music Feeling playlist at the moment. The vocals from the whole band add to the proudly Scottish group who come from Kilmarnock. So again, another great band from very close to Glasgow (these guys are from East Aryshire apparently and this is an area just South West of the city).

Listen to the album now and see if you agree with me:

What is it about Glasgow and brilliant Rock talent? Maybe I will find out when I head up there for the Freshers Festival  with the team to bring yada Events app, as the official app for this Scotcampus event, to the students of Sunny Scotland!


I can’t wait to see the city and meet all the students and companies involved with this event. It’ll be like being a fresher all over again… #relivingfirstyear

Find the Freshers Festival event via the yada Events app on the App Store or Google Play and follow us online:

About The Author: Abi Browning is the yada Events app intern who is working on Social Media, PR, Press, Sales, and Marketing.



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