The Jazz Cafe: Queue the talent


We made our way down to The Jazz Cafe in Camden last Wednesday to view some truly wondrous musical talent, presented by Soundcheque’s first ‘Que the Music’ event. Soundcheque, the London-based music agency, provides a platform for musicians to step up to the mic and be discovered with a view to gain potential employment from filmmakers, music supervisors, creative directors and more. All of these artists of course, aspire to make the big time – and from what we saw on the night, this could be a dream that becomes all too real for the young performers in the near future.

Soundcheque did not disappoint and ensured that the audience were captivated by the overall experience. Cued up was an assemblage of four up-and-coming musicians; Jasper Wilde, Anna Pancaldi, Alex Francis and Lola Coca. First to emerge was Anna Pancaldi – presenting such passion through her soulful singing and pure technique on the guitar, that it illuminated over the dark crowd below. Next to take the stage was Alex Francis. An undeniably cool dude who’s long dark locks waved in the air-conditioned breeze whilst he strummed on his guitar with his skilled hands. With a fine acoustic style, it’s easy to become engrossed, particularly when you recognise his rendition of the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. Lola Coca and her quirky ensemble of characters were engaging and joyous. Her outright swag draws you in and you cannot help but feel instantly upbeat. This feeling continued throughout her act and you came away on a fantastic high, ready for Jasper Wilde. With his incredible blend of old school funk and modern melodies, no audience member could deny the musical influence of the mighty Prince himself. His tracks are fun loving “radio-ready hits in the making” – Hunger Magazine. 

The Jazz Cafe itself is very close to Camden tube station. Although we walked there to catch the balmy evening breeze, we were soon engulfed into the vibrant smoke and intrigued by the atmospheric crowd. The venue felt both contained, yet spacious. This was not due to a lack in surrounding bodies, as there was a plentiful audience. The proportions of the place were just right; a generous stage, standing area, two bars either side and an upstairs dining section that surrounds the outer circumference of the building. From here you could watch the performance with a heightened sense of perspective and indulge in the ambience.

Definitely a venue and event that we recommend to book and try for yourself! You never know who will make it big…

 || watch the yadventure video  ||


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