Jordan Rizzle Stephens Wins With Wildhood


Last week we hit up the Qbic Hotel in Aldgate to check out Jordan from Rizzle Kicks latest solo project: Wildhood. After experiencing fame instantaneously given where the mass of population was driven in their early twenties, it would have been all to easy for the duo to lose their way. So here’s the difference: Rizzle Kicks did not want to become two 24 year-old burnt out shadows that so often result from today’s mainstream culture – they wanted to take some time out to reflect and learn to become well rounded individuals.

Although the hip hop happy pair we all know and love are currently making what looks to be a brilliant comeback this year, Wildhood has been Jordan’s project in his time away from the main stage. Focusing on a darker, melancholy vibe that he describes as inspired by “the stuff your mum records onto cassettes and plays on long car journeys” Wildhood has made an eight-track album titled ‘Vert’.

We arrived early and was sitting on the grass just outside with a beer in hand when we realised the man himself Jordan, was stood out the front of the hotel chatting and laughing with his couple of his fans and friends. Jordan’s style is brilliant – he never considers himself above anyone else, or of a higher social position – he is very content with a normal standard of life whereby if he is enjoying himself he invites anyone else to join him.

And it rubs off. Interacting with the crowd and having a chat with him after the show, you can’t help but feel happy for the guy; he gives the people exactly what they want, with no fuss whatsoever. Performing a selection of songs from his Vert album and throwing in a few poems he’s written in between, he holds the attention of every viewer, creating an intimate atmosphere and one where the audience hangs on his every word. He voices his  gratitude personally once the show is over, and the yada team could not be more pleased with the evening. Definitely one to check out, if only for a short break before we welcome new material coming soon.


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